Breath of the Wild 2 Trailer 1 Analysis From E3 2019

This is where it all began for Breath of the Wild 2 speculation, back at E3 2019 when we heard that the sequel to Breath of the Wild 2 was in development. Today I’m going to run through that original trailer, it may be short, but it’s packed full of tantalising details.

Link and Zelda are underground and we assume this is under Hyrule Castle. As Zelda and Link make their way through the caves we see some green magic spirals making their way upwards. Link and Zelda pass wall paintings that appear to depict Ganondorf. He appears to be on the back of a horse with a weapon in his hand. Zelda is sitting on top of a huge animal, an Elephant in size, although Bison by design.

Link and Zelda continue forward into the caves, presumably in search of the green magic. Zelda’s hair is noticeably shorter since the original Breath of the Wild, which has led fans into speculating whether she’s a playable character. No confirmation of this at the moment, but many fans are hoping this to be true. You can see the Master Sword stapped to Link’s back. For a moment we see a shadowy figure, seemingly trapped at the bottom of the green energy.

Things then change, rapidly. Red and black tendrils reach and engulf the steps, killing a rat in their destructive path. Link and Zelda make their way over a bridge, and Zelda raises the torch to reveal the shocking sight in front of them. The green spiralling magic is attached to what looks to be an arm, an arm holding a dusty corpse in place, with the corpse looking like it could be Ganondorf himself. This mysterious green arm appears to be holding back the dark magic emanating from Gandorf’s corpse and you can see a shining jewel set in the centre of this being’s head, similar to Royal Gerudo’s we’ve seen before.

Then we have some quick shots together. Link’s right arm appears to absorb some light, and he clutches at it looking panicked. The black and red tendrils shoot upward, presumably toward Hyrule Castle. We then see an entrance to what could be a Dungeon, leading to many speculating Dungeons making a return after their absence in the original Breath of the Wild. The underground scene violently shakes, Link appears to rise up and Zelda is left below with the glowing red eyes of a corpse-like Ganondorf staring at her.

Then the scene switches to Hyrule and we see the castle rising up into the sky. Then the trailer finishes up with the text saying Breath of the Wild 2 is in development, and then that would be all the information we get for 2 years… Until 2021.

There are a couple of things we should note before moving on to the other trailers. Ganondorf appears to be trapped by this green magic, and these symbols appear to have some significance. Hyrule Castle floats up into the sky. Link appears to have been attacked or has been affected somehow by some magic on his right arm, as he’s seen in some distress, clutching at his arm in a flash of light. Also, Nintendo appears to be hinting at Dungeons making a return with a big, dark, looming doorway shown for a few seconds. These trailers are cut together with such precision that every frame means something.

That’s a description of the trailer, but next let’s have a look at some of the interesting details.

One interesting detail from the trailer are the wall paintings. Link and Zelda are walking along with torches and they pass some interesting looking etchings on the wall. We have a character on horse back with a trident in their hands. The clothing and the hair seem similar to the corpse we see later in the trailer. The armour also looks similar to the ancient armour we see in the latter part of Breath of the Wild.

The main talking point of the trailer is the dead body. Who is this? All clues point to this character being Gerudo with the armour and the jewels. Ganondorf is the first thought that comes to mind, and it would make sense that this evil has been trapped below Hyrule Castle for an age, with Link and Zelda discovering them. But, is this character the same character as depricted on the walls, and also in the parchent in the original Breath of the Wild. Is Ganondorf the ‘Hero from 10,000 years ago’?

Zelda’s haircut is another talking point. She’s clearly styled differently since the first game, with visibly much shorter hair, and her gear and equipment seem much more similar to Link’s. Gone are the Princess clothes, and she’s now much more suited for exploration. Hopefully this means Zelda will be a playable character, but Aonuma has artfully dodged those questions so far.

The other main talking point from the initial trailer is what happens to Link. In the scenes which are cut together very fast, we see something grabbing Link, Link himself grabbing his arm, and then the corpse body eyes flash red. It appears as if something was holding down this corpse body, perhaps was transferred to Link. His right arm appears to be shining.

Let me know down in the comments what you think all this means for Breath of the Wild 2.

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