Answering The Top Questions About Breath Of The Wild 2

Fan theories have been swirling since the release of the first trailer, but now we have another one then the theories have really ramped up. Let’s go over the most common ones.

Can we play as Zelda in Breath of the Wild 2?

Since the first trailer fans were hoping for some kind of co-op play with Link in Breath of the Wild 2. Since the second trailer came out, it appears as if Link and Zelda get separated. Zelda looks like she falls down to the depths. It could be Link and Zelda are split up, and we have to play as both of them to hopefully meet up later in the game. Perhaps the Zelda sections are underground, whereas the Link sections are above ground on Hyrule or in the Sky Islands.

Can we play as Ganon in Breath of the Wild 2?

There’s something up with Link in the trailers, one looks like Link from Breath of the Wild and another looks like he has long hair, plus the corrupted arm. Since the first trailer came out theories about Ganon being the corpse releasing the corruption have been going around, but fans have taken that a step further and think perhaps one of the Links we see isn’t actually Link, but a young Ganon. There are similarities between the shoulder tunic from the character in the trailer, to the one on the corpse – plus we never actually see Link’s face in the trailer.

There are a few clues in the lore of Breath of the Wild also, for example in the tapestry we see a hero saving Hyrule from calamity 10,000 years ago, before the events of Breath of the Wild. The hero saving the world has similarities to the ‘corpse Ganon’ seen in the first trailer. Personally, I am unsure about this one given Ganon is the only male Gerudo. But time will tell and it would be a massive surprise.

Can we control time in Breath of the Wild 2?

There’s a couple of moments in the latest trailer where we see Link potentially controlling time, including pushing a spikey ball back up a hill, and also the strange water-like traversal where he goes upwards and appears to travel through solid rock.

Is there a connection to Skyward Sword?

The second trailer for Breath of the Wild 2 looks very similar to the gameplay found in Skyward Sword, where Link travels between islands in the sky called Skyloft. One of the main shots in the new trailer is Link skydiving from above down towards Hyrule. This suggests were going to be spending plenty of time in the sky islands, and perhaps we’ll return to Skyloft found in Skyward Sword.

It’s also interesting that this summer Skyward Sword is getting the HD remaster treatment for Nintendo Switch (coming out on July 16th, 2021). Perhaps Nintendo wants us to brush up on Skyward Sword before going into Breath of the Wild 2. Skyward Sword is an underrated Zelda game, with some great dungeon design. The game did have a whole load of bloat though, especially the start of the game which turned off many fans.

What’s up with Link’s Arm?

There appears to be a couple of Link’s in the trailer and one of them appears to have a corrupted right arm. In the first trailer, we see the corruption attaching itself to Link when they come across the so-called Ganon Corpse. It could be that Link’s abilities are somehow connected to his arm. Rather than use the Sheika Slate for physics and puzzle-solving mechanics, perhaps we use Link’s arm. Also, it’s interesting to see Link use a flame thrower in the trailer, although this is connected to his left arm rather than his right one. It’s worth taking note of Nintendo’s concept art which they showed off during a talk at GDC which shows different arm attachments for Link including a bomb-throwing device, hammer, and bow & arrow.

The new trailer was cut together brilliantly, and it looks like Nintendo want fans to speculate about what’s going to be in Breath of the Wild. It’d be great to hear what you think either comment down below your theories or get in contact through and I’ll read them out on the podcast.

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