Breath of the Wild 2 Delay Trailer Analysis

It was the news we didn’t want to hear, but probably knew was coming, that Breath of the Wild 2 isn’t going to be coming out in 2022, it’s been delayed to 2023. Not to worry though because we got some tantalising new details about the Link, Master Sword and The Golden Energy. Today I am going to jump into the Breath of the Wild sequel delay trailer and break it all down.

Breath of the Wild 2 has been delayed to Spring 2023, which is no great surprise. Anouma came out, with a fresh-looking new haircut I might add, and delivered the news, alongside an apology. Personally, it’s not a huge problem, I think we all want this game to be the best game it can be, rather than rushed out to some arbitrary deadline. Alongside the apology was a very small new snippet of information, and although only a handful of seconds long, it was still enough to get excited about. We saw more of Link, his corrupted arm, plus our first look at what could be Master Sword, although it’s a very broken looking Master Sword if it does turn out to be the legendary blade.

We start out this new scene overlooking Link’s right shoulder, we can see a Sword stowed on Link’s back and we can also see a symbol shining on the back of Link’s right hand. This isn’t the Triforce shining, this is something new, and similar to the symbols we have seen before in the first trailer back in 2019. Also, there is a glowing orb of energy in front of Link. Some fans are speculating that this is in fact Princess Zelda herself. The reason for this speculation is that this is the same colour as the energy that surrounded Princess Zelda when she faced off against Calamity Ganon at the end of the original Breath of the Wild. Perhaps in Breath of the Wild 2 Zelda operates as a spiritual being connected to the Master Sword.

Talking of the Master Sword, this sword Link is holding is looking very sad and broken. The blade appears to be covered in some kind of corruption, and half the blade is in fact missing. As Link holds the Sword the symbol glows brightly on the back of Link’s hand, and it appears as if Link is offering the Sword to the golden glow. These two things do appear to be connected, perhaps Link is fixing the sword somehow through contact with the golden energy.

Given the appearance of the Master Sword, there is speculation that a big part of the story of Breath of the Wild 2 will be about fixing the Master Sword, to once again seal away the Darkness. It could be the Master Sword has been broken into pieces, shattered in battle and the pieces are thrown across Hyrule’s land and skies, and we have to gather the pieces and put them back together with the help of the Golden Energy. It may be that the Golden Energy locations are places we need to find, either in hidden locations throughout Hyrule or at the end of Dungeons (which I hope are returning in Breath of the Wild 2). As to whether this Golden Energy is Zelda or not, we’re going to have to wait and see.

We also get to see more of Link in this very short snippet from the delay trailer. We have seen something of Link before in the 2021 E3 trailer, and we knew his arm was corrupted, but we get to see a much better look this time. As well as Link’s arm, we also see his hand, which appears thin and he’s got long nails… it doesn’t appear to be his hand at all, and looks very similar to the hand that reached out in the first 2019 trailer, which could be Ganon’s corpse hand. Link’s right arms appear to share similar colours to that of a Gerudo, and the fingers seem thinner as well as the claw-like hand with the sharp nails.

It appears as if Link has been possessed somehow by this new arm. It could be that Ganon’s Corpse may have grabbed Link, trying to possess him, but this process was stopped before it could completely overrun Link with corruption. Back in the first 2019 trailer, there’s a glowing green hand that appears to be containing Ganon’s Corpse, it could be that this stopped the full corruption of Link and contained it to his arm.

We also get to see the bracelets that go up Link’s strange arm. There appear to be 3 or 4 bracelets up Link’s arm, and it could be these are also containing the corruption in Link’s arm. This creepy new arm appears to be the same on Ganon’s Corpse back in the E3 2019 trailer, and these definitely look like they could be Gerudo bracelets. Riju and other Gerudo from Breath of the Wild appear to wear bracelets fairly often. We don’t yet know the meaning of the bracelets, whether they are decorations or somehow containing the corruption in Link’s arm.

The symbol on Link’s hand is another interesting addition in this trailer. We’ve seen symbols glowing on Link’s hand in previous Zelda games, namely the Triforce, but this isn’t triangle-shaped, this is much more like a glyph, lettering or complicated symbol. In the first trailer, we see similar symbols circling presumably Ganon’s Corpse, then there is some interaction with the hand reaching out to Link, or moving between Link and Ganon’s Corpse. These symbols could be a symbol of protection. This glowing green hand was holding Ganon’s Corpse in place, and given this was transferred to Link that could mean he is protected in some way.

There are more symbols in the trailer too. There are symbols on the floor, which can also be seen in the tomb under Hyrule Castle. Given we have seen these symbols in a couple of places, there must be a link between Ganon’s Tomb and this place that appears to be in the sky. What does the symbol mean though? Is this a sacred protection of some kind? If the symbol appears at the sight of Ganon’s prison, and this location in the sky, these locations in the sky should be linked to once again contain the darkness.

Let me know in the comments what you think? What do you think the golden energy is? What’s up with Link’s arm, and what do these symbols mean?

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