How to get the Warm Doublet in Breath of the Wild

The Warm Doublet is a very useful item earl on in the game, as this is going to help keep you alive when the temperature gets low. This is immediately useful on the Great Plateau, as you can use it to get to the Shrine on Mount Hylia. You can also cook various meals to help you get cold resistance, however, the Warm Doublet item means you don’t have to worry about a timer.

To get the Warm Doublet you want to get it from the Old Man on the Great Plateau. He has an Old Wooden House behind The Temple of Time, very near Owa Daim Shrine. What you want to do is recreate an old recipe of his called Spicy Meat and Seafood Fry, then show him the meal, and he’ll then give you the Warm Doublet, because he no longer needs it. This is a good introduction quest because it teaches you the benefits of mixing food to create useful recipes, in this case it’s a meal that will keep you warm for a certain amount of time.

Find the Old Man’s Wooden House behind the Temple of Time, go inside and read his book that’s open on his desk. There are some Spicy Peppers on the table too if you need them, although these can also be gathered from other places on the Great Plateau.

Next you’ll want some raw meat. You can get raw meat by finding a Wild Boar roaming about the place, they should be too difficult to find. Creep up on them, and shoot them with arrows, otherwise they will likely run away.

Finally, you’ll need Hylian Bass. This can be found next to the Temple of Time, there’s a little pond here, where you can dive in, swim around a little bit and find the Hylian Bass. Swim close to them to pick them up.

Now you have all the ingredients for Spicy Meat and Seafood Fry. Make your way back to the Old Man’s House. Outside his house there should be a fire and a cooking station. Light it up, and gather the ingredients in your arms. I had 2 raw meat, 2 peppers and a Hylian Bass. Throw them in the cooking pot, and then have a chat to the Old Man.

He’ll ask you about the Spicy Meat and Seafood Fry, and then you’ll want to show it to him. He’s going to be very impressed, and he’ll give you the Warm Doublet as a reward.

Now, you can make your way to Mount Hylia without having to worry about the weather. The Warm Doublet is good for early game cold weather, but later on things are going to get chillier, and you’ll need more extreme cold weather clothes. But I’ll be back with another guide on another day.

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