How to get The Champion’s Tunic in Breath of the Wild

The Champions Tunic is the most iconic clothing item in Breath of the Wild for Link, and he can be seen wearing it in all of the promotional material. Normally Link wears green, however, this time he’s wearing blue. Today I am going to run through the steps required to get the Champions Tunic as early as possible in the game, so you can level up and look the part on your adventure through Hyrule.

The Champion’s Tunic is obtained from Impa at Kakariko Village, once you have relived one of Link’s Lost memories. There are a few steps to go through, so let’s have a look at those now.

Find Impa in Kakariko Village

When you finish up the 4 Shrines on the Great Plateau, you’ll get the Glider from the Old Man / King Rhoam. He’ll send you towards Kakariko Village. You’ll want to make your way through Dueling Peaks and then head north when the road forks. Just after Dueling Peaks, you should find some Wild Horses and your first Horse Station, which is going to make travelling in the game much faster than on foot.

Follow the road to Kakariko Village and have a chat with Impa. She’ll give you some back story on Calamity Ganon, Princess Zelda etc, and tell you about the four Divine Beasts. She’ll also tell you about the Sheikah Slate and its ability to help you remember, plus there’s someone in the Lab in Hateno Village who should be able to help you.

Find Pura at Hateno Village

After you have spoken to Impa, she’ll give you a quest marker that will lead you to Hateno Village, over in the east of Hyrule. This is called Locked Mementos, and your first job is to get to Hateno Village. Given you have a quest marker on your map, it’s fairly straightforward, although opening up Hateno Tower on the way will allow you to see the whole area of the map. It’s not mandatory though so you can skip this part if you want to.

You will want to go to the Lab in Hateno Village, which is on the top of the hill. There you will find Pura. She may look like a little girl, but she’s actually the director of the lab. Have a chat with Pura and Symin in Hateno’s Lab, and they will explain the Sheikah Slate is broken, and they will restore some features for you.

First, you have to do them a favour by carrying the blue flame from Hateno Village, up the hill and igniting the fires outside the lab. There is a torch inside the lab which you can pick up, and use for the blue flame. Use the torch and light it with the blue flame and then run up the hill as fast as you can to get to the Hateno Lab as quickly as possible. Ignite the flame outside the lab, and it will then become a fast travel point, much like the Shrines, which is useful for travelling back and forth to Hateno Village quickly.

Fix the Sheikah Slate

Once you have restarted the fires, have a chat with Pura, and she will restore the camera to the Sheikah Slate. Activate the camera rune and then take a photo with the A button. This is useful for taking photos of items, which various NPCs will ask you to do throughout the game.

Pura will ask you to take a photo of her as practice. Stand in front of Pura, take out the camera and take a photo of her, then show it to her. There’s an optional side quest after which Symin will ask you to take a photo of mushrooms, and you can use your tracking module to track items you have photographed.

Once you have the camera restored this is also going to restore your Lost Memory photographs. One of these Lost Memories is key to getting the Champion’s Tunic.

Speak to Impa

Now you have restored the camera rune, make your way back to Impa in Kakariko Village. She explains the Sheikah Slate once belonged to Princess Zelda, and you were likely with her when she took the photos, therefore the theory is if you find the locations, then your memories will return. Impa also says you should return when you have visited one of these locations.

To figure out where these locations are you’ll want to explore Hyrule and refer back to the Lost Memory photos every now and again. Most of the photos have some distinguishing features, although some are more obscure than others. To get the Champion’s Tunic we’re only going to need to visit one, so I picked the easiest one to get to.

Find a Lost Memory

The first Lost Memory I went for is the second one, with Dueling Peaks in the background, with a lush green environment in the foreground with white trees and a little bit of water. For this step, you can pick any one of the photos to visit and pick up the Lost Memory, but for me, this is the easiest one.

From Kakariko Village you can fast travel to Oman Au Shrine on the Great Plateau. From there, you want to go directly north, when looking at the map. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t unlocked this region of the map yet, Oman Au Shrine makes finding this one nice and easy. You’ll want to position yourself with Dueling Peaks in the background and find the little grassy knoll that pokes up to the air, surrounded by the white trees and water in front of you. When you are close enough you’ll notice something shining on the floor. Recall your memory, and you’ll get a nice narrative cutscene with Princess Zelda.

Speak to Impa

Now you have seen your first Lost Memory, make your way back to Kakariko Village. You can fast travel there quickly by going to the Ta’Loh Naeg Shrine. Find Impa, and she’ll give you the Champion’s Tunic.

Champion’s Tunic

As well as looking good, the Champion’s Tunic does have some great features. When you are wearing it you can see the enemy’s life gauge to see their remaining health. Also, the Champion’s Tunic has the highest potential defence of any armour in the game, with a max defence of 32. However, it can’t be dyed or sold.

Let me know what you think in the comments.

That’s it for this guide for how to get the Champion’s Tunic. For more Zelda Breath of the Wild content like this check out Triforce Times on YouTube and subscribe today.

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