Will Unique Items Return in Breath of the Wild 2?

One of the best things about The Legend of Zelda series is the unique items you find on your adventures. They could be items you found searching Hyrule, or they are unique items related to a Dungeon or particular enemy or NPC in the game. Breath of the Wild had a few of these, but today I want to put forward the case for the return of more unique items in Breath of the Wild 2, plus look back at some of the best items we’ve seen in the Zelda franchise.

Before we dive into discussing items in Breath of the Wild 2 today, I’d like to hear from you and which items you’d like to see a return to the game. Do you want to see The Hookshot, a classic from the series return? Or do you want to see the Pegasus Boots, or perhaps Roc’s Cape? Maybe you don’t want to see items come back, and you liked the way Breath of the Wild dealt with items. Let me know in the comments and let’s kick off that discussion.

Breath of the Wild items

First of all, I want to clarify what I mean by ‘items’ returning. We did have some items in Breath of the Wild, but to me, they didn’t feel the same as some of the unique items we’ve had in the past. This conversation almost goes hand in hand with the breakable weapons discussion we had in a recent video. For example, The Boomerang used to be an item you found in a Dungeon, and you could use it all throughout the game. Then later in the game, it could be upgraded to travel further distances. The Hammer is another example, also found in Breath of the Wild. Both the Hammer and the Boomerang changed to discoverable weapons out there in Hyrule, which would then break after a certain amount of time.

Other items were worked into Breath of the Wild in different ways. Bombs were traditionally an item that was bought in shops or found in Dungeons in past Zelda games. The Sheikah Slate was introduced in Breath of the Wild and The Bomb Rune was a feature of the Shiekah Slate. This meant you could throw unlimited bombs, as long as you adhered to the cooldown of the bombs. You got these straight away in the first hour of the game.

Some items from the Zelda series do exist in Breath of the Wild in their original form, for example, Bottles. They are very useful, always have been especially if you want to put a fairy in there and save it for later if you die. Ice and Fire Rods are also in Breath of the Wild, although once again they are breakable. I don’t have anything against breakable weapons, and I do think it’s likely they will return in Breath of the Wild 2. However, I do feel breakable weapons slightly modify the relationship I have with items in Zelda games.

Breath of the Wild 2 items

We have had a sneak peek at one potential item in Breath of the Wild 2, thanks to the E3 2021 trailer. Here we see a Champion’s Tunic wearing Link with an attachment on his left arm, it looks quite bulky and wooden and Link shoots flames at an enemy before backflipping out of the way of an attack. Therefore it looks like we’re getting a flamethrower in Breath of the Wild 2.

Link also appears to reverse time in another short sequence, where a spiked ball is rolling down a hill. Here Link throws it in his right hand and either manipulates time, or projects the ball back up the hill. I think it’s Link manipulating time, but we don’t have confirmation from Nintendo yet, other than a few clues in patents.

We have seen some concept art with Link appearing to have different functions or attachments on his arm. We see a Hookshot, Beetle, Hammer, and Bow variation. Whether this is going to make it into the final game we don’t know, but it’s an interesting idea. It’s one that could replace the Shiekah Slate and one that could provide us with more item-like functionality for Link. Rather than finding items, perhaps we find different arm attachments or arm abilities throughout the game.

Musical items

There is a precedence for musical items in the Legend of Zelda series. The Ocarina is arguably the most famous of the instruments in the franchise, with the Bone Ocarina, Fairy Ocarina, Ocarina of Wind and the Ocarina of Time featured. Link has also played the flutes and a recorder before. The Deku Pipes featured in Majora’s Mask and Skull Kid from Twilight Princess uses a bell horn to summon his puppets.

String instruments have also been featured including Sheik’s Harp, which was used to teach Link warping songs. The Harp of Ages was the first string instrument to be used directly by Link, which allow him to travel through time. The Goddess Harp featured in Skyward Sword, first owned by Princess Zelda, although it was passed down to Link which he then used to open the gates to the Silent realms.

Breath of the Wild was lacking in regards to Link playing a musical instrument. Kass, our travelling Rito friend, took up much of the responsibility when it came to musical instruments. But given the importance of musical instruments in the Zelda series, it’d be good to see one return to the game in Breath of the Wild 2.

Best items from the Zelda Franchise

Here are some of my favourite items from the Zelda series, plus I’d love to hear from you, and what you want to see return, share your suggestions in the comments.

Power Glove

The Power Glove, also known as the Handy Glove, allows Link to lift heavy objects. In some games, it is eventually replaced by the more powerful Titan’s Mitt. In others, it is itself an upgrade to the Power Bracelet. This is featured in The Adventure of Link, A Link to the Past, Oracle of Ages and a Link Between Worlds.

Looking at A Link To The Past, the Power Glove is located in the Desert Palace, introducing the need to lift heavy rocks. These rocks obstruct the path to the bosses of the dungeon, the Lanmolas. These rocks also surround the entrance to Death Mountain, necessitating the retrieval of the Power Glove before Link can ascend to the Tower of Hera. Unlike the Gloves in The Adventure of Link, the Power Glove does not alter Link’s Sword power.

The Power Glove is replaced by the more powerful Titan’s Mitt in Thieves’ Town.

Pegasus Boots

The Pegasus Boots, also known as the Pegasus Shoes, allow Link to sprint at high speeds. The increased speed allows Link to use Dash Attacks and bash into various objects, like trees, in order to knock out their contents.

In The Minish Cap, Link receives the Pegasus Boots after helping Rem and his Minish helpers in making them. They are required to cross Castor Wilds, thus gaining entrance to the Fortress of Winds. The Pegasus Boots can be used to knock masks off walls, run through the grass, and knock some trees down. By obtaining the Dash Attack Tiger Scroll, Link can perform said technique when equipping the Pegasus Boots and the sword at the same time.

Roc’s Cape

Roc’s Cape is an item that allows Link to jump and glide over holes and between platforms. In Oracle of Seasons, it is an upgraded version of the Roc’s Feather hidden in the Explorer’s Crypt, allowing him to cross wider gaps and evade enemy attacks by granting him the ability to glide across three spaces and double jump. Usage of the Roc’s Cape is paramount in traversing the Dungeon and in the fight against Gleeok, allowing Link to become airborne in order to evade Gleeok’s stomping attack.

Mirror Shield

The Mirror Shield is a powerful Shield that allows Link to reflect Light Beams or Magic from one place to another.

In A Link to the Past, the Mirror Shield is the strongest Shield that Link can obtain. It is better than the previous two shields, known for its ability to stop beams, such as those fired by Laser Eyes, and attacks from enemies such as Lynels, and it can even reflect Wizzrobe projectiles.

In Ocarina of Time, the Mirror Shield is the final shield that Link acquires in his adventure. Unlike the Hylian Shield, the Mirror Shield has a polished surface, allowing it to reflect light. This allows Link to solve the light puzzles in the Dungeon.


Hookshots are machines consisting of a chain and hook. When used, the chains extend and send the hook attached towards their targets. If the hooks latch onto certain objects, Link is projected towards those objects. Link can also use them to pull enemies and objects towards him.

In nearly all games, the Hookshot is almost always found inside dungeons. A recurring trend in the series is that the Hookshot is typically found inside water-themed or flooded dungeons, such as the Swamp Palace in A Link to the Past, or Catfish’s Maw in Link’s Awakening. The Hookshot is usually guarded by the dungeon’s mini-boss and often becomes necessary to navigate the remainder of these dungeons it is found in. It is also often required to defeat the dungeons’ bosses.

The Hookshot is used most commonly to grapple onto far-away objects so that Link can reach previously inaccessible areas. In addition, the Hookshot can also be used as a replacement for the Boomerang by allowing Link to grab far-away objects (like hard-to-reach Rupees or out-of-reach switches) and attack enemies. In most cases, attacking an enemy with the Hookshot will only stun them, but some weaker enemies such as Keese will be defeated when hit with the Hookshot. Other enemies, such as Like Likes, will instead pull Link towards them when hit by the Hookshot, which can potentially hurt Link or threaten his other items.

Let me know what you think of items in Breath of the Wild 2, do you want some classics to return, or do you want to see a musical instrument – share your thoughts in the comments.

That’s it for this look at unique items returning in Breath of the Wild 2. For more Legend of Zelda content like this check out Triforce Times on YouTube and subscribe today.

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