Will Breath of the Wild 2 feature a musical instrument?

The original Breath of the Wild had a bunch of great mechanics, and it earns its title as one of the best games ever made. However, there’s one thing that isn’t in Breath of the Wild 2, and that’s a musical instrument that Link can play. We have a rich history in the Zelda series with musical instruments, and today I am going to look at some of them, plus look at what a musical instrument could do in Breath of the Wild 2.

Before we get into today’s topic of musical instruments, I’d love to hear what you think about musical instruments in Zelda games, and what instrument you think could be featured in Breath of the Wild 2, plus what do you think it would do?

Link has a long history with musical instruments in The Legend of Zelda series, all with different abilities and mechanics. Many of the music instruments even make it into the title of the Zelda game itself, which shows their importance to the series. Breath of the Wild lacked a musical instrument, at least one that could be played by Link. We would sometimes encounter Kass, a wandering musical Rito who would sing songs of the past and help Link along with his adventures. While Kass was a great character, Breath of the Wild lacked a central musical instrument.

Link has played many musical instruments over the series, of varying types too. Woodwind instruments have been a popular choice, with The Ocarina of Time taking a starring role in the first Nintendo 64 game of the same name. There have been other Ocarina’s too with the Fairy Ocarina, Bone Ocarina and the Wind Ocarina also featured. However, The Ocarina of Time is likely to be the most famous, and the instrument that everyone thinks of when you say ‘Musical instruments that are featured in Zelda games.

Sometimes musical instruments offer new hardware features from Nintendo, as with the Spirit Flute in Spirit Tracks. Here, players could blow into the microphone on the Nintendo DS, and that would translate to playing the flute in the game. While this sounds quite interesting, practically it wasn’t a great feature in the end, but it’s nice to see Nintendo trying things with hardware in the Zelda series.

Musical instruments have plenty of different features in Zelda games. Going all the way back to the original Legend of Zelda, Link had a Flute, which he needs to play to drain a lake to get access to a Dungeon. You can also use the flute to fast travel to completed Dungeons. The Flute would return in A Link to the Past, again allowing Link to fast travel. In Twilight Princess, the Grass Whistle allows Link to summon animals. There are two types of Grass Whistle he can use, the Hawk Grass to summon a Hawk, and Horse Grass to summon Epona.

Time travel is another major theme of musical instruments in The Legend of Zelda. The Ocarina of Time allows Link to travel through time, but we also have The Harp of Ages in Oracle of Ages, allowing Link to travel between the past and present of Labrynna. Also, in A Link Between Worlds, there are two maps that you have to travel between to solve puzzles. The Harp of Ages is only capable of playing three songs, which is a little more restrictive that the Ocarina of Time.

Best Music Instruments in Zelda

Goron Drums – Majora’s Mask

The Goron Drums, also known as the Drums of Sleep, are an item in Majora’s Mask. The Goron Drums are obtained alongside the Goron Mask after Link heals Darmani III’s soul. It replaces the Ocarina of Time when Link is transformed into a Goron. In this form, Link must use them to learn the “Goron Lullaby” from the Goron Elder and his son in order to put the latter to sleep. By playing the song on the Goron Drums in Snowhead Region, Link can put Biggoron to sleep, allowing passage to Snowhead Temple.

Flute – Legend of Zelda

The Recorder is a magical item that is hidden in the depths of Level 5 in the First Quest, and earlier in Level 2 in the Second Quest. As with most items in the game, it is hidden in a basement room.

The music of this item causes various effects. First, it allows Link to Warp to any Underworld dungeon he has cleared; if he is facing north or west, he warps to the next dungeon; if he is facing south or east, he warps to the dungeon before the one he is at. The Recorder must also be used to dry up a body of water revealing the entrance to Level 7; in the Second Quest, it can unveil hidden caves, as well as the entrance to Level 6. Lastly, Digdogger is split into three smaller versions at the sound of the Recorder.

In A Link to the Past, Whistles are one of the many Instruments played by Hyruleans. Link can dig up the Flute Boy’s Flute by using the Shovel on a flower patch in the Haunted Grove. After releasing the Flute Boy’s pet bird, Link can play the Flute in the Light World’s overworld and summon the bird, who can fly Link to any one of eight locations.

Deku Pipes – Majora’s Mask

The Deku Pipes are obtained alongside the Deku Mask after Link learns the “Song of Healing”. It replaces the Ocarina of Time when transformed into a Deku. Link must play them to learn the “Sonata of Awakening” from the Monkey. By playing the song on the Deku Pipes in Woodfall, Link can reveal Woodfall Temple.

Goddess’ Harp – Skyward Sword

In Skyward Sword, the Goddess’s Harp originally belongs to Zelda, the mortal incarnation of the goddess Hylia. She is first seen holding and using it when she is practising for the Wing Ceremony on Skyloft. After falling to the surface world, Zelda takes the Harp with her to the various temples across the land and uses it to reawaken her memories of her life as Hylia. Her childhood friend from Skyloft, Link, eventually receives it from her at the Temple of Time in the Lanayru Desert. After getting through the Lanayru Mining Facility, Link and Zelda have a brief reunion that is interrupted by Ghirahim, forcing Zelda to escape through the Gate of Time with Impa. However, Zelda manages to transfer the Goddess’s Harp to the young hero beforehand, telling him that he will need it in his quest.

Link goes on to use the Harp to learn various songs that will help him advance in his adventure. He learns his first song, the “Ballad of the Goddess,” from the Old Woman in the Sealed Temple. Later, he travels to the Isle of Songs, where he must play three different songs of the Goddesses to open the Silent Realm trials, and lastly learn the “Song of the Hero” from Levias and the three dragons of the Surface.[10] By the end of the game, Link and Zelda are seen standing together outside the Sealed Temple as he plays the “Ballad of the Goddess.”

Ocarina of Time – Ocarina of Time

The Ocarina of Time’s origins are unknown, since its history is only briefly spoken of in Ocarina of Time. Princess Zelda mentions that the sacred instrument has been secretly passed down for generations within the Royal Family of Hyrule, kept safe from those who would exploit its power to cause others harm. As such, it is a treasured heirloom of the Royal Family and will only be given to the one who will open the Door of Time to retrieve the Master Sword. Full of endless mysterious powers, the Ocarina of Time proves to be a magical instrument that serves many hidden purposes which only a selected few can truly uncover.

  • “Zelda’s Lullaby” – used to solve various puzzles in the game
  • “Epona’s Song” – as adult Link, calls Epona from Hyrule Field, Lake Hylia, Gerudo Valley and Gerudo’s Fortress, provides Link with Milk when played near a Cow
  • “Saria’s Song” – used to communicate with Saria at any given time
  • “Song of Storms” – rainfall is instantly summoned, which can cause the well of Kakariko Village to dry up, can open certain Secret Grottos
  • “Sun’s Song” – allows Link to change night to day, or vice versa, also temporarily paralyzes ReDeads
  • “Song of Time” – opens the Door of Time and removes blocks that have the Door of Time’s design

That’s a very brief look at instruments in the Zelda series, but next, let’s have a look at which musical instrument could appear in Breath of the Wild 2, and what it might do.

What would a musical instrument do in Breath of the Wild 2?

Looking at the trailers so far, it appears as if we have two Links. We have one wearing the Champions Tunic, who can be seen in the first E3 2019 trailer. We see another version of Link, one with a transformed right arm and long hair from the E3 2021 trailer and the 2022 delay trailer.

It could be that we start out the game continuing on from Breath of the Wild, we’re off on an adventure with Princess Zelda, then something happens to Link and he gets transformed. Or it could be that the long-haired version of Link is actually the Hero from 10,000 years ago and we travel back and forward between those two versions of Link. If we’re going to travel back and forward, then we’re going to need a tool to do so. This is where a musical instrument could come into play, perhaps even using the classic Ocarina of Time.

Another use of an instrument could be to help us travel between the different locations in Hyrule. Looking at the trailers again, it appears as if we have three distinct locales; underground, above ground and in the air. We could have a musical instrument to play which could open portals to help us fast travel to different locations. We have seen Link travelling through a portal, in the E3 2021 trailer where Link travels upwards. This mechanic could be triggered by a music instrument of some kind.

Let me know in the comments what you think about musical instruments in the Zelda series, and share with the community what you’d like to see.

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