Will we destroy the Triforce in Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Breath of the Wild has many things; Link, Zelda, The Master Sword. All the classic ingredients that make up a Legend of Zelda adventure. One thing Breath of the Wild didn’t have was the Triforce, the most powerful artifact in Hyrule. Today I am going to look at the chances of the Triforce coming to Tears of the Kingdom, plus look at why we might have to do the unthinkable and destroy it.

Before we get into todays topic, let me know in the comments if you want to see the Triforce come back to Tears of the Kingdom, and how you want it to appear in the story. Will Princess Zelda learn to control her powers, and will a returning Ganondorf bring with him the Triforce of Power. Let me know in the comments.

Breath of the Wild broke the model in many ways in the Legend of Zelda series; weapons could break, you could explore the world at your own pace and choose your own path. It was a massive gamble from Nintendo, but by and large the gamble paid off, with Breath of the Wild being one of the most successful Zelda games to date. Breath of the Wild didn’t stick to the Legend of Zelda script in many ways, and it also explored new directions in the story.

The Master Sword often plays a central role in Zelda games, and obtaining the Master Sword in a Zelda game is one of the best moments in the game. Getting the Master Sword is usually key to taking on the Evil Power in Hyrule, either by defeating the enemy or sealing away the evil. The Master Sword was a prized possession in Breath of the Wild, although it didn’t quite fit into the breakable weapons model Nintendo had crafted for the open-world adventure. After all, the Master Sword couldn’t break like the other disposable weapons in the game, that wouldn’t work with the legend and myth related to the sword.

There is another iconic artifact that wasn’t featured in Breath of the Wild, and it’s something that has appeared in many other Legend of Zelda games, and that is the Triforce. This is an sacred item that gives it’s wielder immense power, plus brings together the 3 main characters in The Legend of Zelda; Ganon, Link and Princess Zelda herself. Looking at the trailers we have seen for Tears of the Kingdom, it appears all three characters will feature in the upcoming sequel to Breath of the Wild, meaning the Triforce could about to return with them.

The Triforce in Zelda Lore

The Triforce has played a central role in many Legend of Zelda adventures that came before Breath of the Wild. Link has the Triforce of Courage, Ganon has the Triforce of Power and Princess Zelda looks after the Triforce of Wisdom. Typically in Zelda games Ganon is trying to capture the pieces of the Triforce, to keep the ultimate power for himself. Whoever possess the Triforce has their wishes granted to them, no matter their intention, which is why Link and Zelda are always trying to stop it falling into the wrong hands, because Ganon would likely destroy or enslave Hyrule. The Triforce is seen on the Royal Crest and is woven into the design of relics throughout Hyrule.

The Triforce in Breath of the Wild

Breath of the Wild took another path when it came to the evil enemy in the game. This time Calamity Ganon was the big bad, and it didn’t seel the Triforce or great power, it seemingly wanted to destroy and corrupt everything that got in it’s way. Previously we’ve seen Ganondorf trying to gather all the pieces of the Triforce through trickery, with the King of Theieves trying to deceive Link and Zelda. Calamity Ganon was different, this was much more a force of nature or dark magic, compared to Ganondorf or Ganon in a humanoid form.

While the main enemy in the game isn’t trying to steal or gather the Triforce, that doesn’t mean its not present in Breath of the Wild. The Triforce is seen on Link’s Sheild and in the Royal designs, like on King Roam’s belt buckle. The Triforce is still something to be revered, it’s a symbol of peace and power, but perhaps it’s been forgotten to time. Given we have seen Ganondorf’s Corpse, we have all the pieces coming together that may mean the Triforce is about to return to Hyrule.

There are a couple of important moments in Breath of the Wild where Zelda calls upon the power of the Triforce. In one moment Link is about to be fried by a Guardian, and Princess Zelda steps in and protects him from the laser. Breath of the Wild’s story does go into some detail related to Princess Zelda and her struggle at not being able to control her great power, it appears to come to her when she desperately needs it, and she cannot use it on demand.

The Triforce in Tears of the Kingdom

We don’t know much about the story in Tears of the Kingdom at this point in time, but it could play a pivitol role in the story. With Princess Zelda revealing her great power in Breath of the Wild, and being unable to control it and lacking the understanding, there is potential for this to be explored in Tears of the Kingdom. It could be the story of Princess Zelda coming to terms with and mastering her great power.

Tears of the Kingdom could bring the third piece of the puzzle into the equation too. Breath of the Wild featured Link and Zelda, with us learning much more about their relationship through intimate cutscenes. In the first trailer we see what looks to be a mummified version of Ganondorf, and if this is infact the King of Thieves, then the opportunity for for the Triforce to return with him is real. We’ve seen the mummified version of Ganondorf re-animate, and we see him screaming in the second trailer. Perhaps Princess Zelda releasing her power caught Ganondorf’s attention, and now he’s reanimated, he’ll be back up to his old tricks and try to steal gather all the pieces of the triforce once again.

Destroy the Triforce

One final theory I’d like to mention for The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, is the prospect of destroying the Triforce. Tears of the Kingdom could be the end of the Zelda timeline, with the Orboros design in the logo, signifying the constant cycle of life, death and rebirth. Wars have been fought for centuries over the Triforce, therefore Link and Zelda could determine the only way to end the cycle is to destroy the Triforce itself. After all, if there is no Triforce then there’s no reason to fight again and again in an endless cycle.

In Skyward Sword, the very start of the Zelda timeline, Link defeats Demise. But he warns Link that it is not over, and that an incarnation of his hatred will be reborn as a being to pursue domination of the world, as well as those with the blood of the Goddess and the spirit of the Hero, in a cycle of rebirth. In Tears of the Kingdom, it looks like Ganondorf maybe back once again, so destroying the Triforce maybe the only thing left in Link and Zelda’s playbook. Much like destroying The Ring of Power in Lord of the Rings, or the Infinity Stones in Avengers Endgame.

If it does come to that extreme end, it’s going to be a dangerous conclusion. The Triforce is a divine power, and probably the most powerful artifact in the history of Hyrule. The concequences would likely be violent and dangerous for those weilding the three pieces of the Triforce; Link, Zelda and Ganon.

Whatever happens in Tears of the Kingdom, I hope to see the Triforce make its return. This is an iconic artifact and it would be fitting to see this back in the next Legend of Zelda entry.

Let me know in the comments what you think about the Triforce coming to Tears of the Kingdom.

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