Ganondorf Confirmed And Zelda Lost In Tears Of The Kingdom

Nintendo revealed the final trailer for Tears of the Kingdom today, and it was jam packed full of details. We got a load of things confirmed, like Ganondorf is the corpse under Hyrule Castle, Princess Zelda is still alive but she appears to be lost, we fight alongside the descedents of champions, plus we have a whole load of new information to take in. Today I want to dive into the details and check out the key takeaways of this blockbuster trailer for Tears of the Kingdom.

Before we get into it today, let me know in the comments what you think about the final trailer?

Let’s dive into the trailer details, but first, lets have a look at the trailer itself.

Ganondorf confirmed

We had suspected this all along, but the corpse under Hyrule Castle has been confirmed as Ganondorf. He says something along the lines of “”Do not look away, you witness a Kings revival, and the birth of his new world”. The interesting thing here though, is Ganondorf referring to himself as the King, or is he talking about someone else? We see a shot of Malice tendrils which looks like hair, which could be Demise. Whether Demise and Ganondorf can exist in the same game is questionable, but that shot behind a character with flowing red, malice-like hair, certainly looked like it could be Demise. Or it could just be the Malice reforming Ganondorf. We see more of the shot with Link getting attacked by the Malice, seeing the Malice wrap around the Master Sword, which must corrode and half destroy the legendary blade.

Link Doesn’t Fight Alone

It appears as if Link has companions that will fight along side him. We saw Link and Sidon fighting side by side, plus we saw Link flying with the Rito, it also looks like Riju is there from the Gerudo, and standing with a ragtag bunch of characters, one that seems to have a bucket on his head. I don’t think this means multiplayer, but appears as if Link is going to have some back up when he goes into battle.

Huge underground caves

We had a quick look at some small caves in the gameplay trailer reveal, but we see a few shots here of massive cave structures. First of all Link is seen running in a big underground structure, then we see Link battling against what looks to be a Zonai Construct while he’s riding a mining cart, with lava all around him. We had a suspiscion that the underground would be important in Tears of the Kingdom, but these caves look huge!

Enemies can build too

We saw Link riding on the back of a crazy look vehicle. It looked like a tank, with wheels on the bottom, then a large rectangle structure, unlike anything we’ve seen so far in any other trailers. We’ve seen fairly simple cars and flying machines, but this was beyond anything we’ve seen so far. Not only that but coming towards Link was what looked to be a Bokoblin, riding on the back of a structure that the Bokoblins have made themselves.

New gameplay

There was so much packed into this trailer, but there’s a few interesting details we can pull out.

  • Link rewinds an explosive projectile, sending it back at the enemy
  • Link uses a rocket to get in the air – Link appears to be able to get different attachments on his left arm. We’ve seen him use the flame thrower, but now we’re seeing him using a rocket powered item to raise him high into the sky. Aonuma said there were plenty of ways to get to the Sky Islands, so perhaps we’re simply going to be able to fly assisted by rockets to get up there.
  • Link jumps into a water bubble – this looks like a puzzle of some kind, but platforming almost straight out of a Super Mario game
  • Jumping when very high in the sky seems to be like jumping in space

Zelda not dead, but lost

Princess Zelda isn’t dead. We see Link grasping for her, desperately trying to save her, and he can’t… she slips through his fingers. However, she’s not dead, but appears to have traveled to another place somehow. First time we see Princess Zelda in the trailer, we see her standing infront of an altar, when a voice says to her “We rely on your knight, and that legendary sword he carries. Out last line of defence will be Link”. Who is Princess Zelda speaking to? I presume this is a member of the Zonai Tribe, and somehow Princess Zelda has found her way to where the Zonai escaped to.

Later in the trailer we see Princess Zelda with shorter hair, dress in Zonai-style clothes saying “I know why I am here, it’s something only I can do”, while looking down at what looks to be a Tear in her hands. It’s likely the Tears of the Kingdom are physical objects to collect, and Princess Zelda has one, plus Hyrule probably thinks shes dead… which could lead to tears of a different kind.

We also see a brief shot of another character, similar to Princess Zelda. Coming out of her right hand appears to be the green Zonai magic, and she’s wearing the tear around her neck, similar to the Tear Princess Zelda was holding in her hands. This character has longer ears than Princess Zelda, but it feels like they are very similar. Perhaps they are one and the same, or they are related. At the end of the trailer we hear Zelda say “Link, you must find me”

OK, those are the main points I’ve pulled from the latest trailer. I am sure there is plenty I have missed, so let me know in the comments what you think, plus what I missed, and we can get the discussion going. I don’t know about you, but this was a 10/10 trailer for me, totally living up to the hype.

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