Boss Battles In Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom

The latest trailer for The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom was so jam-packed full of details, but something that really stuck out to me were the boss battles. We saw a range of bosses from a familiar three-headed Dragon, a huge Zonai-looking Mech, plus an insect-looking beast inside a tornado. We’ve got all that, plus we’re likely to face off against Ganondorf one-on-one in a sword battle in this game. Today I want to take a closer look at the bosses we’ve seen, look back at bosses in Breath of the Wild and other Zelda games, plus look at returning bosses from classic Zelda games, which appear to be world bosses in the Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

We saw a lot of exciting details in the recent final pre-release trailer for Tears of the Kingdom, and fans and Zelda creators have been pouring over the details. It’s a massively exciting time to be a Legend of Zelda fan, and it’s just over 3 weeks until we can all finally get our hands on Tears of the Kingdom.

Today I want to focus on boss battles, as it appears we’re going to be getting a range of bosses in Tears of the Kingdom. Breath of the Wild was a great game in many ways, but when it came to the boss fights, it felt a little lacklustre, with the blight ganons operating in a similar way each time. I did enjoy the world boss battles, with the Lynels, who returned from Zelda 1, and I think we’re going to be getting a little more of that in Tears of the Kingdom.

I think we have a couple of categories; bosses, world bosses, potential bosses and final bosses. Let’s dive into the trailers and check them out.


First of all we have the Zonai Mech. A huge Mech-like being is coming out of a wall, and it appears as if it’s connected to the Zonai in some way, because in the background you can see the Zonai bulbs, which we’ve seen before. The wall it’s coming out from is covered in a swirling cirlcular pattern, and this thing looks very big. Between it’s torso, arms and legs there appears to be a flowing energy. It looks very fomiddable, and I’m looking forward to taking this one down with Link.

Next, we have an inspect-looking crustation beast. On first inspection I thought this was a dragon, although having a second look I think it’s more like a lobster or crab. It’s got mulitple eyes, plus a huge mouth full of sharp teeth. I think we’re flying with Tulin at this point, and we appear to be inside a tornado, so it’s likely we could be taking on this boss in the sky. Exciting stuff, looking forward to teaming up with Tulin and taking on this boss.

We also see Link running away from what looks to be a sky shark, which I think is somewhere close to where we were fighting with Sidon. This beast looks like a cross between a lizard and a shark, and appears to be diving into and out of the sky islands, similar to how you move in splatoon. Link looks like he’s doing his best to get away, so it’s likely this thing is going to chase you around the sky islands, and you’ll have to try and get a shot on it from a distance, to perhaps knock it out, then finish it off with your sword.

Next up, let’s check out the world bosses.

World Bosses

We have a couple of returning world bosses here in the trailers. We can see a Stone Talus with a Bokoblin Camp walking towards Link, who appears to have built a mech ready for battle. Both the Stone Talus and Link are making their way towards each other slowly. We’ve also see confirmation that Lynels will return, and this time they have massive katana blades on their heads, which are likely to be very powerful weapons, if we can defeat them and remove the blade. There’s a herd or school of Molduga in the desert, where we see the Zonai Zelda-like character battling them with a very powerful energy beam, it looks like she takes out 3 or 4 of them all at the same time.

We’ve seen a couple of potential world bosses in a previous trailer, the official trailer number 2. A Hinox is chasing Link, and it looks like he’s got a shield on his head, so looking forward to removing that and adding it to my collection of shields. We’ve also seen Link battling a blocky boss, this one looks huge, and the background suggests this battle takes place in the sky islands, so perhaps this is a test of strength early on in the game in the new Great Plateaux area.

One of the most exciting reveals of the same trailer was the return of Gleeok. This is a returning boss from Zelda 1. We got a much better look at this Gleeok in the most recent trailer, with Link facing one head on. Much like Lynels returned from Zelda 1 to be world bosses, I think we’re going to get the same with Gleeok here, and we could be about to get different variants. The one we see in the trailer is a fire Gleeok, and I’m hopeful we’ll get Ice and Electric Gleeoks too.

Next, let’s have a look at some potential boss battles.

Potential bosses

We see a shot from the desert with Link running inbetween lots of sink holes. This feels like the perfect place for a boss battle, and fighting enemies in quick sand is similar to a boss fight in Links Awakening, and other Zelda games. This certainly looks like it could be a boss battle location, with a boss jumping in and out of the holes.

There’s a ghostly ship that appears at one point in the trailer, again, this could be the start of a boss battle. Looking closely at the image it looks like we have more than one ship here, but perhaps we have to fight the captain of this ship.

We also saw a brief glimpse of what looked to be a fight with a Goron. One of the big talking points from the final trailer was the lack of Yonobo, and perhaps we’re battling against Yonobo here. I’m not so sure this is Yonobo, and I think we may have to go to Goron City, and battle against another Goron Champion to prove ourself. I have a horrible sinking feeling, something has happened to Yonobo, something not very good. Therefore, this could be a boss battle of sorts, or maybe a test of strength to prove out worthiness to the Goron people once again.

Some potential boss battles in there, but now let’s have a look at final boss battles.

Final Bosses

Ganondorf is back in Tears of the Kingdom, and it’s the first time Ganondorf, Link and Zelda have been in the same game since Twilight Princess. That throws up the very exicting prospect of fighting one on one with Ganondorf at somepoint in the game. This is likely to be towards the end of the game, and we’ve had epic battles with Ganondorf in the past in Ocarina of Time, Wind Waker, and Twilight Princess. I have a feeling though, this coule be the most epic battle against Ganondorf yet.

Finally, I want to take a look at this character. Some are saying this is Demise, some are saying this is merely Ganondorf powered up by Malice. Whoever this character is, there is definitely more than a resemblence to Demise. I have a suspiscion it’s going to be another form of Ganondorf, using his Malice powers and the Blood Moon combined, he’s powered up with long flowing red hair. I think the design is a call back to Demise, but it’s just a powered up version of Ganondorf, like Super Shredder in Secrets of the Ooze. Wther it’s Demise or Malice Ganondorf, it’s going to be an epic boss fight, one that’s probably going to end the game in the best possible way.

It’s an exciting prospect to have major boss battles coming back to Tears of the Kingdom. Breath of the Wild did good in so many ways, but the bosses were lacking. It looks like Tears of the Kingdom is going to right that wrong and give us those heroic, epic boss battles, and I can’t wait to battle against all of them with Link.

Let me know in the comments what you think about boss battles in Tears of the Kingdom, I’d love to hear what you think.

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