Where is Yunobo in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom?

One of the biggest moments in the final pre-release trailer for Tears of the Kingdom was when we get to fight alongside the descendants of the Champions. Sidon, Riju and Tulin are there supporting Link representing Zora, Gerudo and Rito. However, there was someone missing, and this was the Goron Champion descendant Yunobo. Today I want to look into the question, where is Yunobo? Why is he missing from the key artwork shared by Nintendo, take a closer look to see if he’s in the trailer, and also look at why Ganondorf may be in possession of his tear.

Seeing Link fight alongside the descendants of Champions is very exciting for many reasons. Previously in Breath of the Wild we mainly got to watch interactions through memories and cutscenes, although when we completed Divine Beasts they would show up and bestow their power upon Link to help in the fight against Calamity Ganon. In Tears of the Kingdom, it looks like it’s going to be a different story, given we can see in the trailers Sidon fighting side by side with Link in the Sky Islands, plus we can see Link flying with Tulin and battling a large insect boss.

After the final pre-release trailer came out, Nintendo revealed some key artwork for all the Champions. Nintendo went into detail highlighting Tulin, Riju, Sidon and even Ganondorf. Nearly all the races were respresented here, except Yunobo, the descendant of the Goron Champion. This poses the question, why isn’t Yonobo being given the same treatment as the others?

First, lets have a look at the trailer because we do have a couple of Gorons in the trailer, but I am not convinced these Gorons we’re seeing are Yunobo. First of all we see a Goron standing on a hill with Link, that looks like Riju in the back, plus some other bucket-wearing Hylians. A couple of people have said this is Yunobo standing on the hill, but I don’t think so. Yunobo has distinct hair, and while you can see a tuft of something here, I think this is Tulin standing behind this Goron character. What I think is going on in this scene is Link and the other descedants of Champions have rallied the people of Hyrule to take on Ganondorf’s forces, and essentially they are cannon fodder who will be taken out quite quickly. We see Link riding in on horseback weilding a spear or long weapon, twirling it around his head, while Hylians fight Bokoblins all around him, I think these are the same Hylians on the hill.

Later in the trailer we see Link jumping out of the way of what looks to be a Goron, inside a cave, or perhaps somewhere in Goron City. This could be Yunobo, although given this Goron is curled up in a ball and doign it’s trademark cannonball attack, its hard to tell. I’m not convinced this is Yunobo, because why would Link be fighting him? Maybe as time passed, he grew sour and unhappy, but from what I remember in Breath of the Wild Link and Yunobo has a pretty good relationship. What is more likely is Link is having to prove himself in this scene, perhaps against a new Champion.

Yunobo being missing from the key artwork isn’t likely to be an error or oversight. He was an important character in Breath of the Wild. Given he’s a descendant of Daruk, he can also use Daruk’s Protection, the Goron ability to create a shield around themselves to protect them from falling debris, or from enemy attacks. When Link first arrives in Goron City in Breath of the Wild, the Divine Beast Van Rudania is terrorising the place, which leads Link and Yunobo to work together to take down the huge beast, and ultimately free Daruk’s Soul after the defeat to one of Fireblight Ganon. After Link defeats Fireblight Ganon and returns control of Vah Rudania to Daruk, the Goron Champion notices Yunobo staring at him below. Yunobo recognizes him as Daruk’s spirit and begins waving at him. When Link returns to Goron City, he meets Yunobo there who thanks him, saying that he feels a lot braver now. He then remembers that Bludo had something to show him, and leads the way to him. Bludo also thanks Link and comments that Yunobo is a lot more responsible now.

So what happened to Yunobo? Why isn’t he in the trailers? Is he missing, or perhaps he’s dead? It doesn’t really make sense for Nintendo to not show him, there must be a reason.

One theory I have is Yunobo will be used in the story for Tears of the Kingdom, and he’ll be killed by Ganondorf. We can see Ganondorf has a red tear, and the other descedants of champions also have tears, with similar colours to their elements; For example, Sidon has a blue tear representing water, it’s possible that Yunobo could have had a red tear symbolising fire. Ganondorf now appears to have a red tear in the middle of his forehead, therefore I believe Ganondorf killed Yunobo and took the tear for himself. In the new artwork released for Ganondorf, we can actually see he has space on his necklace and headwear for all the Tears of the Kingdom, so perhaps he’s going to go all Thanos on us, and collect all the Tears, to become the most powerful being in all of Hyrule.

Another piece of evidence for Yunobo’s death lies within Death Mountain. Malice appears to be flowing from the mountain, like an errupting volcanoe. Perhaps one of Ganondorf’s first stops when he was revived was Death Mountain and somehow he cursed Death Mountain to flow with Malice. Given Goron City is near Death Mountain, perhaps Yunobo went out to face him, Ganondorf swept him aside, killed him and took his tear.

If this is the case then we’re going to need a new Goron Champion. There are clues in the trailer to suggest a Goron is with the group, because we can see for a brief second a boulder breaker in shot when they are all running together. If Yunobo was going to be a feature in the game, then I believe Nintendo would have published key artwork alongside all the other descendants of champions, given he’s missing means there is something wrong. Also, Ganondorf has that red tear, which I believe was once in the possession of Yunobo, and he killed Yunobo and took it for himself, plus there’s evidence to suggest he wont stop there, and Ganondorf is out to collect all the tiers and reign as King over all of Hyrule.

Let me know in the comments what you think happened to Yunobo, why didn’t Nintendo highlight him in the key art work, what do you think of the Ganondrof theory. Thanks very much for watching, if you enjoyed the video please hit that like button, plus you can subscribe for more Legend of Zelda content. Thanks again, see you soon.

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