Wind Temple Guide in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

The Wind Temple is one of the first dungeons in the game, and part of the Regional Phenomena questline. This is a fantastic temple, high above Rito Village above the Sky Islands, and it’s an epic journey just to get there. Today I’m going to walkthrough the Wind Temple in Tears of the Kingdom, so you can complete it as easy as possible.

Without futher delay let’s dive into the guide.

Preparing for the Wind Temple

Before you head up to the Wind Temple, you’re going to want to make sure you have cold protection, given it’s very high up there in the Sky. Inside the temple you won’t need cold protection, but outside you will, so make sure you have cooked plenty of food with peppers, or you can grab some exilir’s that provide protection from the cold. I went back to the Great Sky Island, given I had come across hot peppers there before, and I combined them with meat and mushrooms to cook up plenty of food. You are going to be spending a fair amount of time in this temple, in the cold, so I would recommend getting somewhere between 30-40 minutes of cold protection in total.

Another good thing to have is the ability to create fire. This could be with Flint or Wood Bundles, or Fire Fruit for creating Fire Arrows. There’s ice in the Wind Temple for optional extras, like valuable stones, weapons and items.

The Wind Temple

The concept of the Wind Temple is all about finding locks and turning them using Tulin’s Wind ability. You can interact with Tulin and command him to send out a jet of air in a certain direction, and this is going to be key to solving the puzzles in the Wind Temple. The challenge is finding the turbines to interact with.

First Turbine Lock

For the first Turbine, make your way over to the opposite side of the top deck (1F) where you started. Here you are going to find a broken handle. What you want to do here is find some ice on the ground, or you can shoot some down with an arrow, and then stick that ice onto the handle of the broken switch. That will then allow you to turn the handle and access the door which is hiding the first turbine lock. Then stand in front of it and work with Tulin to activate the lock. When you exit you can use the regular handle on the other door and open up a chest.

Second Turbine Lock

Next up you want to take care of the Turbine lock at the south of 1F. To do this you are going to have to enter through the B1. Make your way to the west side of 1F and then jump off, and float down with your paraglider and make your way into B1. Take care of the Zonai Soldier Contructs here, and you can walk under the lasers and get the chest. Then make your way back, and you’ll see an opening in the floor encased in ice. Use Tulin’s wind ability to help you get over the hole and then open up the hatch in the wall, which is going to make it easier to get around later.

Kill the Soldier Construct and then ascend up a level back to 1F. Once you are back on the top floor, you’ll come across a cog on the ceiling and you’ll have to pick up a slab a concrete that’s laying on the ground and attach it to the mechanism using your Ultrahand ability. You can then turn the cog using the ability and you’ll notice the door stays open for a moment. You want to turn the cog so the door stays open for a few seconds, then use Recall while climbing up the ladder and getting through the gap. Kill the Constructs and then activate the Turbine Lock.

Third Turbine Lock

Next up you want to make your way over to the east side of the ship and from the main deck jump off and you’ll see a door covered with ice. Smash through the ice the best you can, I did this with a fire arrow, and then you’ll find yourself on B1 again, this time to the east of the ship. When you enter, look to the right and you’ll see a water turbine, and use Recall on this and then ride the turbine so you can get to the other side. When you are over on the other side, kill the Constructs, and bag their weapons. You’ll notice some cogs on the wall, with a piece missing. To solve this puzzle, smash some ice from the ceiling with an arrow and grab the ice with Ultrahand and stick together the missing piece, completing the mechanism. This is then going to open the door, allowing you to reach the Turbine. Work with Tulin again, and that’s the third one complete.

Fourth Turbine Lock

Next we want to make our way down to B2. Make your way back to near where we did the Second Turbine Lock, where we had to get over the hole in the floor that was encased with ice. This time drop down onto B2 and you’ll find the next Turbine Lock there. Work with Tulin again and use his gusts to unlock the Turbine.

Fifth Turbine

For the final turbine you’ll want to go back to the main deck of the ship and use the wind on the deck to ride that to the very top of the northern point of the ship. Here you are going to find a couple of doors, which you’ll be able to open with Ultrahand. Jump down the hole, being careful to avoid the lasers, and then activate the final turbine when you get to the bottom.

Now you have unlocked all the Turbines it’s time to go back to the top deck and open all the locks and fight the boss.

Colgera Boss

This is a great boss fight, but you’ll want to make sure you have plenty of arrows, food and cold protection. This boss fight is all about flying through the air with your glider. Colgera surprises Tulin and Link and bursts through the doors. Link and Tulin are in mid-air and Colgera flies towards you.

You want to avoid the boss, he tries to bite you and get you with his pincers, but avoid him by flying out of the way and using your paraglider skills. He’ll start shooting ice at you from his body, which reveals breakable ice discs. You can either shoot through them, or do what I did and dive through them. After each time you shoot one of these body parts, Colgera is going to retreat into his icy void, then he’ll come up at you from the bottom, so do be aware. Plus as the fight progresses he’ll fire out more and more torandoes.

When Colgera is flying up at you vertically, you can shoot his body with arrows as he tries to fly past, which is another way of damaging him. I found that skydiving through his body was the most effective way to get damage on the boss.

Repeat this process a few times and you’ll defeat the boss.

After the boss fight you’ll get treated to a great cutscene with Tulin invited to fight against The Demon King with Link, plus you’ll get the Vow of Tulin, Sage of Wind ability. This allows you to call on Tulin at any time and use that wind ability, which is going to be very helpful for getting around the sky islands nice and quickly.

Let me know in the comments what you think about the Wind Temple.

That’s it for this guide for the Wind Temple in Tears of the Kingdom. For more Tears of the Kingdom content like this check out Triforce Times on YouTube and subscribe today.

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