How to increase Energy Cells in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Zonai Devices are a great way to get around in Tears of the Kingdom, but the problem is your Energy Cells don’t last very long, unless you upgrade your Energy Cell Capacity. Today I am going to explain zonaite, crystallized charges, forge constructs, and crystal refineries. Plus I’ll explain how all this fits together to upgrade your Energy Cell Capacity so your Zonai Devices last for much longer in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

Energy Cells

Early in the game on The Great Sky Island, you’ll get your first Energy Cell, which allows Link to power Zonai Devices. Zonai Devices really open up the gameplay options in Tears of the Kingdom, and you are going to want to upgrade this feature, especially if you want to explore the Sky Islands later on.

Here’s the quick version, and then we’ll go into detail on each point:

  • Zonaite is the raw material you’ll need to mine
  • We then convert the Zonaite into crystallized charges with Forge Constructs
  • We use the Crystallized Charges to upgrade the Energy Cell Capacity at Crystal Refineries

How to get Zonaite

Zonaite is the raw material needed for upgrading, and you can find this in the Depths under Hyrule. You’ll find the Depths early on in the game, and there are big rocks of Zonaite pretty much everywhere, plus when you kill enemies in the Depths, they will drop Zonaite. You’ll want to get as much Zonaite as possible, as this can be used to create crystallized charges, as well as power Link’s Autobuild ability (creating Zonai machines out of thin air).

To get access to The Depths, you’ll want to find a chasm in Hyrule. The easiest way to do this is follow the quest “Camera Work in the Depths” by speaking to Robbie and Josha when you first get to Lookout Landing after dropping down to Hyrule from The Great Sky Island, this is during the dirst few hours of the game.

How to get Crystallized Charges

When you have a decent amount of Zonaite, then you’ll want to convert this to crystallized charges through a Forge Construct. There is one on the Great Sky Island, and you probably found this early in the game. There is another one at the Great Abandoned Central Mine in the Depths. Go to the one you prefer. At the Forge Contruct you can exchange your Zonaite for crystallized charges. To be able to upgrade the energy cell you’ll need at least 100 crystallized charges.

There is a way to get a Huge Crystallized Charge and that is to complete “A Mystery in the Depths” quest, which unlocks Autobuild. Speak to Robbie and Josha in Lookout Landing, complete the “Camera Work in the Depths” quest and also the “A Mystery in the Depths”. This will lead you to a boss fight against The Yiga Clan, and when you beat the boss you’ll get a Huge Crystallized Charge as a reward, which is the same as 100 regular Crystallized Charges.

How to increase Energy Cell Capacity

Now you have at least 100 Crystallized Charges you’ll want to go to a crystal refinery. This can be found on The Great Sky Island. Have a chat with the Construct there and they will give you one upgraded Energy Well per 100 Crystallized Charges. One upgrade won’t make much of a difference, therefore you want to get much Zonaite, and Crystallized Charges as possible to convert to Energy Cell Upgrades. Once you have upgraded enough you’ll be able to power Zonai Devices much longer, whether that’s fans of flame emitters, and you’ll be able to cover much more ground and sky in Tears of the Kingdom.

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That’s it for this guide for how to upgrade your energy cell in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. For more Tears of the Kingdom content like this check out Triforce Times on YouTube and subscribe today.

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