How to get The Master Sword in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

The Master Sword is the most iconic weapon of the Legend of Zelda series and it’s available to get in Tears of the Kingdom. Today I am going to walk through how to get The Master Sword, plus you have a couple of options, and I’ll run through them all so you can weild The Sword That Seals The Darkness in Tears of the Kingdom.

Getting The Master Sword is optional in Tears of the Kingdom, but it does feel like a proper adventure with Link without it. It’s also fairly central to the story, given we see the Master Sword decay following the Malice attack from Ganondorf’s corpse early on in the game. Without further delay, let’s look at how to get The Master Sword.

How to get The Master Sword

Here’s a brief rundown of how to get the Master Sword:

  • Find the Light Dragon
  • Get on the Light Dragon’s back
  • Pull the Master Sword from it’s location (you’ll need two full stamina wheels for this)

How to find the Master Sword’s location

The Master Sword is flying high above Hyrule embedded in the Light Dragon, and it’s moving around constantly. There are a couple of ways to pinpoint the location of the Ligth Dragon and they include:

  • Find all 12 Dragon’s Tears in various locations around Hyrule
  • Save the Deku Tree in Korok Forest
  • Just find the Light Dragon in the sky and jump on it’s back

Option 1 – Find all Dragon’s Tears

The first method will take you on a journey across Hyrule to find all the Dragon’s Tears locations. While this is time consuming, I like this method, because with each Dragon’s Tear you’ll get a memory, looking back at Princess Zelda and her time with the Ancient King of Hyrule. There are 11 Dragon’s Tears to find all over Hyrule and they are found on the glyphs, which you can see on the ground when you are up in the sky.

To find the first gylph and get The Dragon’s Tears quest, you’ll want to find Impa north west of Lookout Landing. You can find Impa at other locations, however, this is where I found her first, and this is a good place to meet her when you first jump off the Great Sky Island. Talk to Impa and she’ll walk you through how to find the Dragon Tear near a glyph.

You have to search the glyph for a small water pool. It doesn’t appear until you are next to it, so you have to walk on the ground to find it. However, if you view the glyph from a height, you’ll notice a yellow-ish tear location on the glyph, and that is where the pool is. Also, the Dragon’s Tear location at the glpyhs are always on flat ground, so there’s no need to search on a cliffside or a sloped surface, look for flat ground and you’ll find the pool.

Part of the Dragon’s Tears quest you’ll go to the Forgotten Temple to search for Impa, and in there you’ll find a room with a map, indicating all the locations for the glyphs across Hyrule. Impa marks the location of the Forgotten Temple on your map, so finding it won’t be a problem. Once you have made your way through head down and foward and you’ll find the map room. Once you have found it, take a photo and save it for later, it will make finding them easier. From this point you can travel around Hyrule, unlock all the Tower and when you are flying through the sky you’ll see the Glyphs.

If you don’t want to travel around, and you just want the locations, I’ve got you covered. Here are all the Dragon’s Tear locations. I’ll show them on screen for a few seconds, and if you want to pause the guide them do that and use this as a reference.

Dragon Tear Memory Locations

Tear 1: Where am I?
Location: North Hyrule Plain, West of Lookout Landing
Coordinates: (-0385, 0200, 0957) In the Zonai figure’s head

Tear 2: An Unfamiliar World
Location: Tabantha Hills, Southeast Hebra region
Coordinates: (-2550, 1888, 0319) Top center of the house

Tear 3: Mineru’s Counsel
Location: South of Eldin Canyon
Coordinates: (1828, 0737, 0089) Center of the Purah Pad

Tear 4: The Gerudo Assault
Location: East of Batrea Lake, Northwest of Dueling Peaks
Coordinates: (0695, -1309, 0053) Midway up the snake’s tail, on the northwest side of the glyph

Tear 5: A Show of Fealty
Location: Sapphia’s Table, Gerudo Highlands
Coordinates: (-3178, 1699, 0418) In Ganondorf’s shoulder

Tear 6: Zelda and Sonia
Location: Southwest of Hyrule Ridge
Coordinates: (-3096, -0077, 0211) In the right hip

Tear 7: Sonia is caught by treachery
Location: Gogobi Hills, Southwest side of Necluda Sea
Coordinates: (3325, -3566, 0004) In the dagger’s hilt

Tear 8: Birth of The Demon King
Location: North of Tabantha Tundra
Coordinates: (-1863, 3621, 0236) Ganondorf’s left arm

Tear 9: The Sage’s Vow
Location: Peninsula South of Lanayru Sea
Coordinates: (4467, -0305, 0074) Bottom right side of the Secret Stone

Tear 10: A King’s Duty
Location: Eastern slopes of Mount Faloraa, western banks of Lake Hylia
Coordinates: (-0649, -2682, 0068) Top left of the image

Tear 11: A Master Sword In Time
Location: North of Great Hyrule Forest
Coordinates: (0892, 2951, 0362) At the tip of the Master Sword blade

Tear 12: Tears of the Dragon
Location: Rist Peninsula
Coordinates: (4534, 2143, 0000) Center of the spiral

Tear 12 only reveals itself once you have found the first 11. Once you find the 12 Tear, you’ll see the Light Dragon in the sky, and then you can use a Sky Tower to fly high above it, land on it, and get the Master Sword.

Option 2 – Save the Deku Tree

If you don’t want to find all the Dragon Tear locations, then there is a slightly faster way to get the Master Sword, and that’s by saving the Deku Tree. First of all you’ll want to get to Korok Forest, although getting there is slightly different to Breath of the Wild.

How to get to Korok Forest

Rather than go through the Lost Woods to get to Korok Forest, you can go under the maze. If you try to go through the Lost Woods to get to Korok Forest, the mist will keep getting you and you won’t be able to get to Korok Forest. What you want to do is go underground through the Depths.

There is a chasm very close to the Lost Woods called The Minshi Woods Chasm, which is located at (1063, 1655, 0167). You can get here by going to the Eldin Canyon Skyview Tower, jump off the tower and then make your way to the Minshi Woods. Open up the map and place a marker on Korok Forest, which is at the centre of the Lost Woods. Then you can use that marker to guide you when you are down in the Depths.

When you have placed the marker, dive into the chasm and head towards the marker you just placed. Use Brightbloom seeds to light up the depths to help you see where you are going. Avoid the gloom on the ground, and climb into the trees if neccessary and jump from tree to tree. You are looking for Rikonasum Lightroot. If you follow your marker you placed on Korok Forest, that should take you directly to the Lightroot, just because of enemies down there, particularly the gloom hands if they appear. I jumped into the trees and waited for them to go away and they didn’t bother me too much. Next to the Rikonasum Lightroot there will be a concrete ceiling, which you can Acsend up into Korok Forest.

How to save The Deku Tree

Korok Forest isn’t the bright and vibrant place we remember, it’s dark and dank because there is something wrong with the Deku Tree and the Koroks. To help save the Deku Tree you are going to need to dive into the Deku Tree Chasm, found under the Deku Tree, and then battle against the Gloom and Phantom Ganon.

Before jumping down into the chasm I’d recommend preparing, as it’s a reasonably tough fight.

  • Fuse weapons to make for good blades to fight with
  • Bring at least 6 bomb flowers (more if you can grab them)
  • Make meals to replenish energy (cooking with sundelion also helps with gloom-afflicted hearts)

When you are prepared, jump down into the Deku Tree Chasm. First of all you are going to need to defeat the Gloom Hands. Take them out with bomb arrows, by attaching bomb flowers to arrows. If you shoot into the middle you should be able to hit multiple hands at the same time. This should take 5 or 6 bomb flowers to kill them all.

Then you have to face Phantom Ganon. This is all about dodging, parrying and flurry rushing Phantom Ganon. He’ll rush towards you, raise his sword for a second and then strike, and you want to dodge out the way using the jump button and get that perfect timing to get a flurry rush attack. This is going to cause the most damage. You can also parry, although I found the flurry rush was better for damage. Do this a few times, avoid the gloom and defeat Phantom Ganon. You’ll remove the gloom from Korok Forest, save the Deku Tree, plus Phantom Ganon will drop a nice sword and bow for you.

Once you have saved the Deku Tree, you’ll get a nice cutscene with Link and Zelda in Korok Forest, then The Deku Tree will mark the location of the Light Dragon on your map and you’ll get “Recovering the Hero’s Sword” quest. Now you have a handy marker on your map, telling you the location of the Master Sword, so all you need to do is head to the nearest Skyview Tower and jump on its back.

Option 3 – Find the Light Dragon in the Sky

It is also possible just to find the Light Dragon in the Sky and jump on it’s back, so you don’t have to find all the Dragon’s Tears or Save the Deku Tree. This is probably the fastest method of getting the Master Sword, but it is down to chance and you’ll have to search the skies.

Now we know where the Light Dragon is, let’s have a look at getting the Master Sword from it.

How to jump on the Light Dragon

Whether you complete the Dragon’s Tears, or you save the Deku Tree, or just find the Light Dragon, you’ll want to jump on it’s back. I would recommend opening up all the Skyview Towers, as that’s going to give you plenty of options of jumping on it’s back. You could make a flying machine from Zonai Devices and jump on the Dragon’s back, but I would recommend locating the Light Dragon, then using the closest Skyview Tower to shoot Link into the Sky and then float down onto the Dragon’s back. Once you are on it’s back then make your way towards the head, and you can pick up the Dragon shards, which you can use later for fuse material.

How to pull the Master Sword

Now you have made it to the head of the Dragon, you’ll want to pull the Master Sword. To do this you’ll need two full stamina wheels, and not stamina provided by meals or food, you have to have two proper stamina wheels.

If you need to respec Link (converting hearts into stamina or visa versa) then you can do this at The Cursed Statue under Lookout Landing. Make your way into the Emergency Bunker in the middle, and into the Royal Hidden Passage at the back. The coordinates for the Royal Hidden Passage are (-0253, 0132, 0008). Blast your way through some rocks and The Cursed Statue is on the right after you get through the first boulders in the Royal Hidden Passage. Here you can swap hearts and stamina for a small fee.

Once you have two full stamina wheels, and you are standing in front of the Master Sword on the head of the Light Dragon, it’s time to pull the Master Sword. This is a great moment in any Zelda game, so enjoy it. You’ll have to hold down the button to get the Master Sword, it’s all fairly simple, and once you have done this you’ll get a great cutscene of Link pulling the Sword That Seals the Darkness. Once you have The Master Sword, head down to Hyrule and test it out.

Let me know in the comments what you think about the quest for the Master Sword.

That’s it for this guide for how to get the Master Sword in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. For more Tears of the Kingdom content like this check out Triforce Times on YouTube and subcribe today.

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