How to get the Champion’s Leathers (AKA Champion’s Tunic) in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

The Blue Champion’s Tunic was an iconic look in Breath of the Wild and it somewhat returns in Tears of the Kingdom. It’s very easy to get and you can get it very early in the game, so today I’m going to walk through the steps required to get the Blue Champion’s Leathers in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

You can find the Champion’s Leathers (AKA the Champion’s Tunic) at The Sanctum in Hyrule Castle. To prepare you’re going to need a little stamina boost, which you can either get from stamina providing food, or you can boost your stamina in the traditional way through Light of Blessings collected from Shrines and then traded with Godess Statues. If you go down this route you’ll need just over one and a half stamina wheels to get there. Final thing to prepare would be the ability to create fire arrows. You can collect Fire Fruit around Hyrule and fuse them to arrows to create the fire you need. The In-Isa Shrine has plenty of Fire Fruit and arrows, and you should be easily able to warp back to the Great Sky Island to get them.

To get to Hyrule Castle, shoot yourelf out of the Skyview Tower at Lookout Landing and make your way north to Hyrule Castle, and you’ll want to land near the front gates. The Sanctum is very easy to get to, just walk in through the front. You will see a couple of torches in the middle, to the left and right of the statue and you want to light both torches with fire arrows. Once they have been lit a chest will reveal itself, and then go and open the chest to to get The Champion’s Leathers. This chest piece has starting stats of 5, plus you can upgrade this at the Great Fairy Fountains.

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