How to get Hearts and Stamina in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom (plus how to respec)

Quickly getting more hearts and stamina is key in Tears of the Kingdom to help keep you alive, as well as climb and glide for longer. Today I’m going to explain how to level up Link with more Hearts and Stamina through Lights of Blessing, plus how to respec in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

Link only starts with 3 hearts and one stamina wheel in Tears of the Kingdom, and for the majority of players that isn’t going to get you very far. Without further delay, let’s dive into the guide.

How to get more hearts and stamina

To get more hearts and stamine you are going to want to get Lights of Blessing by completing Shrines. Shrines are little puzzles found all over Hyrule and in the Sky Islands, and they are indicated with the swirl of colours coming out the top. Inside the Shrines are puzzles, or a comabt challenge, or maybe you get lucky and it’s simply a Rauru’s blessing meaning you can just collect the reward. Everytime you complete a Shrine you’ll get a Light of Blessing, which you then trade with a Goddess Statue around the world for increases hearts and stamina. You’ll need 4 Lights of Blessing to get an upgrade for either Hearts of Stamina.

How to find Godesss Statues

Goddess Statues can be found in the following locations:

  • The Temple of Time — Great Sky Island
  • Emergency Shelter — Lookout Landing
  • Rito Village — Tabantha Region
  • Zora’s Domain — Lanayru Region
  • Goron City — Eldin Region
  • Gerudo Town — Gerudo Desert
  • Lurelin Village — Faron Region
  • Tarrey Town — Akkala Region
  • Link’s home in Tarrey Town — Akkala Region
  • Hateno Village — Hateno Region
  • Kakariko Village — Dueling Peaks Region
  • Korok Forest — Woodland Region

My personal favourite is the one in Kakariko Village, as you can get to it nice and quickly in the middle of town.

How to respec hearts and stamina

If you want to repsec, then you can, you just need to find the cursed statue in Tears of the Kingdom. The cursed statue can be found under Lookout Landing, in the Royal Hidden Passage. After you blast through the first set of rocks, then you want to look to the right. The cursed Statue will be trying to communicate with you, and you have to blast through the rocks again to reveal the statue.

The way it works with the cursed statue is you have to give him either a heart of stamina vessel, and they you can buy it back from them, and select which one you want. For example, say you have 7 hearts and you want more stamina, you can trade in 3 hearts to the Cursed Statue and then buy it back, and invest it all into stamina. It will cost you a minimal rupee fee each time you buy it back, but it does allow you to get more hearts of stamina if you need it. For example, there is a very good weapon in Tears of the Kingdom that requires two full stamina wheels, so this respec feature is very useful for that moment in the game, especially if you do it early.

That’s it for this quick guide into hearts and stamina in Tears of the Kingdom. For more Tears of the Kingdom content like this check out more on Triforce Times on YouTube and subcribe today.

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