How to get Sensor Plus in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Sensor Plus is an upgrade to your Pura Pad and it’s going to give you the ability to find any item in your Hyrule Compendium easily. Normally the Sensor finds Shrines, however with Sensor Plus you can program it to find any item that’s in your Hyrule Compendium, which is going to be very useful when you are hunting for resources later in the game for various upgrades. Today I’m going to walk through how to get the Sensor Plus from Robbie, so you can find any item in the game quickly and easily in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

To get access to Sensor Plus, you’ll want to upgrade the Pura Pad for the advanced features, given to you by Robbie. You will need to finish up a couple of quests early in the game to get access to this, and they include “Camera Work in the Depths” and “A Mystery in the Depths”.

Both of these quests can be accessed by speaking to Robbie and Josha in Lookout Landing and following the quest steps. You want to get to the point where you fix Robbie’s Balloon at the end of “A Mystery in the Depths”, so Robbie can return to Hateno Village. Once you do this you’ll be able to access the Hateno Village Research Lab quest, and this is how to access the various upgrades to the Pura Pad, including the Sensor Plus.

Robbie will show you the advanced features on the Pura Pad, and he’ll chat to you about Sensor Plus. He wants you to go out and get 5 photos of monsters to provided the neccessary data for the update. To get these 5 photos, I went to Lookout Landing and Hyrule Field and found some Keese, Bokoblins, Chu Chus, Stalkoblin and Horriblin in the caves. You can find any 5 monsters, and it’s up to you hwere to go and what to photograph, although Hyrule Field is nice and quick. Once you have the data for 5 monsters, make your way back to Hateno Research Lab and speak to Robbie again. He’ll then unlock the Sensor Plus feature on the Pura Pad.

Now you can assign the sensor to any item in your Hyrule Compendium. To get something in your compendium, take a photo of it, and confirm it’s name for the compendium. For example, I found some apples, took a photo, and then added that to my compendium. Then on the map screen you can assign the sensor to find Apples, by selecting the sensor and assigning Apples through the menu. Then when I walk around apples in the game, the sensor will go off. While finding apples may not be that useful, it helps illustrate the feature. This is going to be really useful when you are searching for resources for armor upgrades. For example, hold the resource you are looking for, drop it on the ground and then take a photo to add it to your compendium. Then you can easily find any item in the game.

That’s it for this quik guide on the Sensor Plus feature in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. For more Tears of the Kingdom content like this check out Triforce Times on YouTube and subscribe today.

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