How to get the Miner’s Armor in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

The Depths can be a scary place – it’s dark, it’s full of enemies and it’s very easy to get lost. But, not anymore! The Miner’s Armor is perfect for Link going down into the depths and exploring for all the secrets. Today I am going to walk through how to get the miner’s armor so you can go down into the depths with confidence in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

The Miner’s armor set is very useful given it has a built in glow system, allowing Link to see all the time he is down in the Depths. Getting the armor is a little bit involved, given you have to find map location Old Maps, and then go to the location to find the treasure chest and get each individual armor piece. But don’t worry I’m going to take you through how to find the Old Maps, as well as the armor pieces too.

In order to safely wander the Depths, you will either need to get potions or armor that will help you glow. There are three total Miner’s armor in Tears of the Kingdom, each of which grants Link a level of Glow that will light up the darker parts of the underground until players can light up the Lightroots in the Depths.

Miner’s Armor Old Maps

Exploring the Sky Islands is a lot of fun, but also a very rewarding experience too. While exploring you will find Old Scrolls in chests, which then places an X on the map, and at the location you’ll get great rewards. 3 of those rewards are the Miner’s Armor, so lets find out where they are. It is worth noting you don’t have to find the Old Map locations, you can simply skip ahead to find the armor chest, but that’s not as fun is it?

Miner’s Top Old Map Location

The Old Map that leads to the Miner’s Top is found in a chest in the West Hebra Sky Archipelago in the northwest. The easiest way to get there is from the Rospro Pass Skyview Tower. Look for a small island on the north edge of the archipelago and the coordinates are (-3860, 2921, 0747).

Miner’s Trousers Old Map Location

The Old Map leading to the Miner’s Trousers is also on the West Hebra Sky Archipelago. Make your way there from the Rospro Pass Skyview Tower. On the large island right around (-3850, 2728, 0544), you’ll have to fight a Flux Construct 1. Defeat the Flux Construct and you’ll get the Old Map for the Miner’s Trousers.

Miner’s Helm Old Map Location

The Old Map that helps you find the Miner’s Helm is on the northern and westernmost island in the Rising Island Chain above the Hebra Mountains. You can get there via the Rospro Pass Skyview Tower. You’ll find the chest with the Miner’s Helm Old Map at (-3490, 3518, 0930).

Miner’s Top Location

For this you want to head into the Depths in Central Hyrule FIeld. You’ll find the X that Old Map put on your map to the west-southwest of Iayusus Lightroot in Daphnes Canyon Mine. There’s a large structure there, but you’re looking for a chest at the very top. You’ll find the Miner’s Top at (-1075, -0558, -0514).

Miner’s Trousers Location

For this you want to head towards the Great Abandoned Central Mine. The Old Map from the Flux Construct will place an X on your map to the west-southwest of Koradat LightrootMine. From the natural bridge just south of Koradat Lightroot, paraglide down and to the west. You’ll find another ruin there. You’ll find the chest with the Miner’s Trousers along the southwest edge of the mine surrounded by poes at (-1287, -2250, -0707).

Miner’s Helm Location

For this one you want to head towards Mayatat Shrine, also known as A Sliding Device, in the Gerudo Desert, right next to Kara Kara Bazaar. The X from the Old Map is just a little northeast of Tatayam Lightroot in Abandoned Kara Kara Mine (west from the Great Abandoned Central Mine). Turn to the northeast from the lightroot, and the chest containing the Miner’s Helm is in the center of the circular ruins directly ahead of you at (-3230, -2476, -0475).

Upgrading the Miner’s Armor in Tears of the Kingdom

To upgrade the armor you’ll need to have unlocked the four Great Fairies. Here are the upgrade costs and what players get in return for upgrading. You’ll get the set bonus shining steps when you have upgraded all pieces to level 2, which takes 20 Brightbloom Seeds 5 Brightcaps.

Shining Steps lights up a player’s previous location with a little glow petal, allowing them to light up an area by walking around in circles for a bit. This is very helpful when exploring the Depths of Hyrule in the dark until Tears of the Kingdom players can reveal the map by lighting up all the Lightroots.

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That’s it for this guide for how to get the Miner’s Armor in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. For more Tears of the Kingdom content like this check out Triforce Times on YouTube and subscribe today.

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