How to get the Climbing Gear in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

The Climbing Gear is a great set of armor to have in Tears of the Kingdom. Returning from Breath of the Wild, this armor set allows you to climb quickly in Tears of the Kingdom, which will come in useful in many situations. Today I am going to walk through how to get each of the 3 pieces of climbing gear, so you can climb fast in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

Without futher delay let’s dive into the guide. We’re going to check out where to find the Climbing Gear, Climber’s Bandana, and Climbing Boots so you can boost your climbing speed as much as you can.

Climbing Gear Chest Piece Location

You can find the Climbing Gear inside the North Hyrule Plain Cave at the coordinates (-1188, 0646, 0072), which is northwest of Lookout Landing, in between the main road that converges from Carok Bridge to North Hyrule Plain. Make your way to New Serenne Stable, look to the right to find the entrance on the side of a hill.

As soon as you get inside, you’ll be greeted by two Like Likes. Get near them until they open their mouths and you see a glowing ball, which is their weak point. Smack it, they will then be prone to further attack and you can kill them.

Next, you’ll have to climb up. I found the left wall to be a much more approachable — if you get into the water you’ll slip, so you’ll have to rely on your jumps or find a way to dry Link’s clothes, a fire is very useful here, which you can make out of a bundle of wood and flint, then strike it with something metal to create a spark and fire.

Head upwards until you find two waterfalls. Take out the Horriblin then continue. You’ll then end up on a path to the right side of the cave. There are two waterfalls to your left, one at the bottom and one above it. Jump into the water and swim across the waterfall that’s on the top, as the chest room is on the other side of it. Use Ultrahand to scan the environment, that helps you find the chest.

Get through the waterfall, and open up the chest. You’ll find the Climbing Gear. This armor piece has 3 defense, and increases your climbing speed.

Climbing Gear Legs Piece Location

You can find the Climbing Boots inside Upland Zorana Byroad at the coordinates (2858, 0354, 0227), which is a cave located west of the Zora’s Domain, north of Ralis Pond and east of the Zora River when looking at the map.

The first large room, which has a small pool of water, converges into two paths. The one on the left has a Like Like covered in rocks, guarding a passage while hanging from the left wall. The one on the right, which is where we’re heading, has another Like Like covered in rocks, and there’s a gap in the wall from which you can get to it. Either take the enemy down or continue on. You’re going to end up in a path down below with a vine wall on the other end. Slice your way through or a bomb flower will be of help.

Next up, you’ll see a flooded room with statues and ruins. Make your way across, either by swimming or by hopping on the ruin structures and get to the other end. There, you’ll see a door. Use Ultrahand to grab it, and then slide it upwards.

Doing so will empty the room from most of the water. Hold it upwards until the water is gone. You’re free to drop it down again afterward. From here, you’re free to explore the room and loot whatever you might have missed. There are new doors that you can access now without the flood, and the one with the Climbing Gear chest inside is underneath the staircase to the right side of the door you just lifted.

Go through the entrance and into the room, where you’ll find the chest with the Climbing Boots inside. This armor piece has 3 defense, and increases your climbing speed.

Climbing Gear Head Piece Location

You can find the Climber’s Bandana head piece inside Ploymus Mountain Cave at the coordinates (3663, 0539, 0272), which is east of the Zora’s Domain. This is east of Mikau Lake, up one level or two. The entrance to the cave is hidden and the best way I found to find it was go to the shrine just east of Mipha’s Court and then use the paraglider to fly down. When you are looking at the map it’s just south of the Pristine Sanctum.

Enter the cave and then you’ll have to climb on the multiple surfaces in front of you to get to the other end. Start on the left side of the cave, grabbing onto walls, climbing for a bit, and immediately jumping to the side of the next ledge.

When you can, move to the right side of the cave, and then paraglide to the left side once more. As you’re approaching the farther end, you’ll see a larger ledge than usual. You can climb to the wall that’s to the left of it, and then jump to the ledge from there.

After the last climb, you’ll be on the high ground. All that is left to do is to get through an open passage to your right, which leads straight into the treasure room. The chest inside has the Climber’s Bandana. This armor piece has 3 defense, and increases your climbing speed. Congrats, you should now have the full set.

Upgrading the armor

Once you upgrade each item twice at the Great Fairy Fountains, you’ll get the set bonus which will allow you to reduce the stamina cost of climbing jump, which makes climbing even easier with this armor, so make sure to upgrade when you can.

Let me know in the comments what you think of the Climbing Gear.

That’s it for this guide for how to get the climbing gear in Tears of the Kingdom. For more Tears of the Kingdom content likle this check out Triforce Times on YouTube and subscribe today.

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