Water Temple Guide in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

The Water Temple is where you’ll end up after helping your old buddy Sidon in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. The Water Temple is part of the Regional Phenomena questline and the main story path in the game. Today I am going to walkthrough the Water Temple step by step, how to solve the puzzles and how to beat the boss, so you can restore the Zora Domain in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

How to get the The Water Temple

I’m going to focus on the Water Temple itself in this guide, but if you want to get here you’ll need to complete “Sidon of the Zora” quest which you can pick up in Zora’s Domain. Ypu have to unblock the Ancient Zora Waterworks and then travel to Wellspring Island in the sky.

Water Temple introduction

Once you arrive at the Water Temple you’ll be able to interact with the altar. This is useful because you’ll get the fast travel point. When this is complete it’s a good idea to turn around and go and prepare some food, fuse some weapons, essentially stock up on dungeon essentials that are going to help you survive as you’ll be battling Constructs and fighting a boss later on. Having a good selection of meals is useful, as well as a fully stocked quiver of arrows, plus splash fruit will come in useful in this dungeon.

The objective of the Water Temple is to unlock the four main water valves to help clean the Zora water supply. There’s sludge everywhere, and it’s coming from somewhere within the Water Temple, and the first job is to open up all the valves. They can be done in any order, that’s entirely up to you. Sidon will be by your side in the Water Temple, and you can interact with him to use his water abilities.

Open the first valve

What you want to to is make your way to the upper platforms and make your way to the southwest and then use the broken bridge to jump up. There are Constructs up there, so make sure to take them out to give you the time and the space to solve the puzzle. What you want to do is use water to clean off the mud clogged waterfall that’s floating in the air, one way to do this is by fusing splash fruit to arrows to clean it. Once you have cleaned off the mud, swim up the waterfall and grab the loot from the chest.

Next we have a water bubble maker, again covered in mud. Clean this with water (splash fruit arrows or Sidon’s abilities) and then bubbles will be created that float upwards. Grab the ball with Ultrahand and then place it in a water bubble, which takes it up to the upper platform. Then jup in a bubble yourself and follow the ball up.

Use Ultrahand to place the ball near the glowing platform. It won’t be able to go in because of the water, so next we have to drain that water. Grab one of the Zonai floating platforms to the floodgate and attach it with Ultrahand, that drains the water and then the ball goes in the hole. That will reveal the water valve, and then you can interact with it using Sidon’s ability.

Open the second valve

Now we want to make our way to the lower floor of the Water Temple. You can use Sidon’s water ability to help Link run through the flame wall. When you are inside you will need to transport the ball from one side of the room to the other. You can use Ultrahand to build a bridge over the spikes. You can attach the ball to the platform to make things easier.

When you get to the big wall, use the floating platforms to create steps and bring the ball with you. Then when you get to the stop, attach the ball onto a floating platform and then insert it into the correct place on the wall to reveal the valve. Then interact with the valve using Sidon’s ability.

Open the third valve

Now we want to make our way to the northeast of the Water Temple. A contruct appears in the middle platform of the temple, so take them out if necessary. On your way to the northeast you’ll find another clogged up waterfall, which you want to clean with splashfruit arrows or Sidon’s ability.

Once the waterfall is clean, make your way up and take out the fire enemy on the rigth hand side. Use Sidon’s water ability on the mud pile and get the loot underneath. Climb up and use Recall on the water bubble and float up to the higher platforms. Use Ultrahand to attach the platforms to the waterwheel and then spin the waterwheel to get it enough momentum to keep spinning.

Then use Ultrahand on the electric current to connect the circuit on the electrical lines. This will reveal the water valve and then you want to use Sidon’s water ability to interact with it.

Open the fourth valve

Next you want to make your way to the higher platforms and take out the Constructs and the ChuChus. Then you want to clean off the sludge from the spinning structure using water, either splash fruit arrows or Sidon’s abilities. Climn up a structure in front of it, jump off and use your bow mid-air to slow down time and then fire an arrow to hit the switch. The water will then drain which gives you access to the water wheel. Then use Sidon’s ability to turn the water wheel, which reveals the valve.

How to beat the Mucktorok Boss

When you have opened up all the valves, make your way back down to the central platform and interact with the altar. Water will rush out and wash away the sludge. The Mucktorok boss will appear and you’ll want to kill this little guy to stop the pollution running into Zora’s Domain.

First the Mucktorok will take on the form of a mud shark and you’ll need to blast it with water from Sidon’s abilities or splash fruit. When the Mucktorok is in the shark form, it’s attacks in various different ways including blasting a beam at you, plus waves. You can jump over the waves, given the gravity is low here.

Once you have blasted the shark clean of the sludge, the Mucktorok and it’ll run away. Stun the Mucktorok by hitting it, and then run in there and whack it. Repeat this process until you get the boss down to half of it’s health.

When you get past the halfway point the boss fight switches up with the shark spitting mud everywhere. Splash fruit arrows are super useful here, given the sheer amount of mud thats being thrown around. Clear up as much as possible, and then attack the shark again, clean it using the water and draw out the Mucktorok. It will then start jumping from puddle to puddle, and you want to hit it, chase it or get it with an arrow to stun it. Once you have done this, whack it and take it’s energy down. Repeat this process until you drain all it’s energy and that’s it, Water Temple complete.

Once you are done, pick up the Heart Container and then Sidon interacts with the Tear for the cutscene and then you’ll get granted Sidon’s water ability to use around Hyrule on your adventures.

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That’s it for this guide for the Water Temple in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. For more Tears of the Kingdom content like this check out Triforce Times on YouTube and subcribe today.

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