Lightning Temple Guide in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

The Lightning Temple is part of the Regional Phenomena questline where we get to help out Riju and her troubles in Gerudo Town down there in Southwest Hyrule. Today I’m going to walkthrough how to solve the mirror puzzles, plus how to defeat the Gibdos, and eventually take down the final boss, in one my favourite temples in the game.

How to get to the Lightning Temple

While I am going to focus on beating the Lightning Temple, to get there you want to make your way to Gerudo Town in the Southwest and complete “Riju of Gerudo Town” quest, where you will be battling against Gibdo’s and a Gerudo Town under Seige. It’s a very cool set piece moment in the game, and when you have completed that, it’s time to take on the Lightning Temple.

Lightning Temple Preparation

Once you have made your way to the Lightning Temple the first thing to do is open up the fast-travel point. That way you can easily get back to the temple, plus you can always warp back to the start if you get into real trouble.

As always it’s a good idea to stock up on food, a good amount of fused weapons, plus loads of arrows. Gibdos often attack in this dungeon and they are weak to elemental arrow attacks, so fire fruit or shock fruit are very good, as well as different ChuChu jellies. All this fused to arrows is going to help you take out those Gibdos nice and quickly.

When you are prepared and ready, then use Riju’s Lightning ability to attack the Gibdo Cocoon in the middle.

Queen Gibdo Fight

Normally the boss fight is at the end of the temple, but this mixes things up nicely, and you get a taste of the boss fight early on. The key her is to use Riju’s electric abilities and fire arrows towards Queen Gibdo, as she’s firing tornadoes at you constantly. Hit the queen twice with arrows and lightning attacks from Riju, and then the Queen will run away, leaving you to start the Lightning Temple.

Enter the Lightning Temple

Use Riju’s lightning attack on the pink blob blocking the entrance. You can kill the Gibdo nest before you make your way inside, and you want to attack this with Lightning attacks with Riju when it’s glowing.

Make your way into the temple and you will find a Korok frond and a torch. The torch is useful to see where you are going and the Korok frond is good for blowing away piles of sand, often revealing secrets or loot. Clear away the sand in the middle of the room and you’ll find a switch to open the door. Grab a torch and light it. It’s not essential for the dungeon, but it’s going to help you see. Keep going and you’ll get to a room with two bridges over pits. Jump into the second pit and you’ll fight a Gibdo, kill them and you’l get a large Zonai charge as a reward. Ascend upwards and continue on.

Use Ultrahand on the bricks and open up a small room. Defeat the Gibdo for more loot, this time a Topaz. Go back and into the room with the flames coming out the wall, but be careful because the floor is going to drop under your feet. Take out the two Gidbo, one way to do this is by blowing them into the fire with the korok frond, or you can use elemental arrows. Once they are dead, go back and jump into the hole again. Use Ultrahand to pick up the stone slab and place it on the flooring that fell down. Get the loot and watch out for the keese.

Use Recall on the floor to send it, and the atone slab upwards. Then use one of the slabs to block the fire spitting out of the wall, which allows Link to go through without being burnt to a crisp. Step on the switch to turn off the flames, and Riju will follow you through. In the next room a flaming boulder falls down towards you and use recall on it to send it back from where it came from. Step on the switch once again and Riju will come through. Make your way forward and take out the Gibdo in the room. Take out the Gibdo nest and then pick up the slabs in the middle for a Gerudo Bow. Then make your way up the stairs to the Room of Hopeful Light.

Room of Hopeful Light

Once you make it into the Room of Hopeful Light, the first job is to take out the Construct. Then, pick out the mirror from the sand using Ultrahand, or blow away the sand with the Korok Frond. Watch out for the hidden Construct in the sand next to the mirror, but if he does pop out, just take them out as per usual.

Go through the hole in the wall and get the chest. The floor is then going to fall away, but you can use recall to get back up. Inside the chest you’ll find a Mighty Construct Bow. Get back up to the Room of Hpeful Light and then reflect the light into the target above the door. The door will then open, and you’ll want to go up the stairs and into the Room of Ascension. Interact with the altar in the middle, and you have your fast travel point.

Room of Ascension

Similar to other temples in Tears of the Kingdom, you’ll have to power up a number of items, this time we have to power up 4 batteries using Riju’s electricity abilities. You don’t have to complete them in a set order, you can tackle them any way you see fit. The order I lay out today is a suggested order, but not something you have to strictly adhere to.

First Battery

You first destination is very close to your starting point, it’s right behind the altar where you learnt about the charged up batteries. Go into the room, move the boulders with Ultrahand and go into the room with the battery, and interact with Riju to use her abilities. That one was a nice and easy introduction. When you are finished, go back into the main room.

Second Battery

First of all we have to remove the boulder that is blocking the air current, move this with ultrahand and its going to allow you to get to the floors above using your paraglider. Head up the air flow and follow the route on screen. Here you’ll find a tunnel with two wheels turning. Use recall on one of the wheels and line them up so they both have the same pattern of rotation.

Go through the turningn wheels and then use Ultrahand to remove the rocks, this allows the light to shine through. The light then hits a statue, and you want to go and step on the revealed switch and go into the new room.

Then use Ultrahand to move the boulders into the spikes, so Link can pass through safely. Step on the switch, allow Riju to join you and then go straight ahead. Use Ultrahand to jam the mechanism on the right, again allowing Link to get through. Go through and takle out the Constructs in the next room.

Jump down and pick up the stakes with Ultrahand and use the stakes on the wall, so the spinning stops, allowing the light to get through to the target. This can be a little tricky and it may take a few goes, but you’ll get it with practice. Use the mirror close by to relfect the light onto the target and then Ascend back up and use the mirror on the bridge and redirect the light across the hall.

Now use Riju’s abilities to charge up the second battery. After this head back into the main room where we started.

Third Battery

We want to use the air current again to go all the way up and fight the Contruct between the two torches and get to the “Room of Natural Light”. Use Ultrahand on the boulder on the wall and get the mirror from inside. Put the boulder and the mirror together under the light. Then go back out of the Room of Natural Light and use Ultrahand on the statues holding mirrors so they line up and they shoot the beam downwards.

This will cause the light to hit the statue below, where you can glide down and get into the Room of Offered Light. This room has a Gibdo and a few Contructs, so you want to take them all out. Remember Gibdos are weak to elemental arrow attacks, so use Riju’s abilities or fused arrows.

Once you have taken out the enmies you want to create a Zonai creation with the balloon, torch, light and grate. The ideal is to float up and aim the light at the target to power it up. Once you have done this it’s going to reveal the battery, which you can then charge up with Riju’s abilities. When complete, head back into the main hall.

Fourth Battery

Next we want to go all the way up to the top again. By now we should have the light and statues bouncing light into the Room of Offered Light. If not, then go back and the repeat the steps at the start of the third battery. Our objective here is to move the statue so it doesn’t intercept the light. Move the two statues you didn’t interact with last time, so the light bounces up above you. One of the statues is going to be blocked by a pile of sand, so get there and use the korok frond to blow the sand away. The light will then get up where it needs to be.

Now you will be able to make your way up to the highest floor of the Lightning Temple, so use the air current to boost you up the floor and climb the rest of the way. No jump down the hole with the fire, avoid it as you paraglide down. When you land you will be in the Room of Light and Flame. Step on the switch and take out the contructs. Riju will then appear and you can use her abilities to power up the battery. Then make your way back to the main hall.

How to beat the Queen Gibdo Boss

Now you have powered up all the batteries you can access the lift up to the seventh floor, or the boss room. Use Riju’s abilities to hit the Gibdo cocoon and the battle begins. This boss can be tricky, make sure you have plenty of arrows and a decent melee weapon.

Use Riju’s attacks to deal damage to the Queen. When she’s hit, she will turn white, then you can run in there and attack. Keese arrows are good for homing attacks here, given she moves around a lot and can be tricky to hit.

At the halfway mark the Gibdo nests become active and start spawnign more enemies to deal with. Use the beams of light to help you take out the smaller enemies and focus on the queen. Take out the towers with Riju’s abilities, then focus back on the queen and use Riju’s abilities to stun her, and then run in and use your highst value melee weapon to take out the queen. Once you have taken her out, then it’s time to collect the heart container and after a cutscene you’ll get Riju’s abilities for using out there in Hyrule on your adventures.

Let me know what you think of the Lightning Temple.

That’s it for this guide for the Lightning Temple in Tears of the Kingdom. For more Tears of the Kingdom content like this check out more on Triforce Times on YouTube and subscribe today.

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