How to get the Soldier’s Armor in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

The Soldier’s Armor is a very good set to get, especially early on in the game if you are having trouble with enemies, plus it’s relatively easy to get hold of. There’s an added bonus given it can be upgraded, which makes it good for beginners plus the later parts of the game too. Today I am going to go through how to get each piece of the Soldiers Armor in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

There are 3 pieces of armor to get for this set including Soldier’s Armor, Soldier’s Helm, and Soldier’s Greaves. All pieces can be found under Hyrule Castle, and it can be quite confusing down there, so today I am going to lay it all out there in an easy to understand way. Before you go in, try and and have a good assortment of bomb flowers, arrows and rock hammers. We’re going to need to get through some walls on this quest, so it’s best to stock up before you go in.

Soldier’s Armor Chest Piece Location

First of all, head for the main gates, which is north of Lookout Landing. Climb over and enter the main part of the castle. Follow the path around to the left and you’ll reach an entrance with 2 dead trees on either side. Go in here and use Ultrahand to move the two metal gates. Then go up the stairs to the left and right in the corridor. Then you’ll get to a room with 2 Horriblin.

Once you have defeated them, go through the door on the right hand side and up the stairs to get to The Observation Room. Use Ultrahand on the trap door in the floor and then climb down to find the Royal Hidden Passage. There will be a chest there with a Diamond.

Continue down the stairs and defeat the Blue Lizalfos. Continue to the bottom and you’ll find a carved stone with some lore, plus a small tunnel leading to a breakable wall. Smash through the wall either with a rock hammer or a bomb arrow.

On the other side there are a couple of mini Stone Talus, defeat them and go into the room with the Like Like. Keep going through the bottom of this area, then go north to find a Bubbulfrog, go past the Like Like and you’ll find another area with a breakable wall.

Smash through and you’ll find a flat platform and drop down to find more rubble. Break through once again and you’ll find a rounded archway. Here you’ll find lots of Bokoblins and weapons, kill them and then go back into the cell where you’ll find a large boulder in the ground. Remove it with Ultrahand and reveal an entrance to drop down into.

Go to the end of the tunnel and Ascend, and you want to be in the same room with the cell, although this time on the other side of the bars. Defeat the Bokoblin, and then open up the chest and you’ll find the Soldier’s Armor chest piece. This has starting stats of 4 defense, which is better than other starting armor.

Soldier’s Armor Head Piece Location

Continue on from where you picked up the chest piece and go back down the corridor and then Ascend upwards back into the cell and go into the room through the gap. Make your way to the opposite side of the room and you’ll find a destructable wall. This wall is slightly different though, it’s a blue color rather than brown meaning it’s going to be harder to break, so use bomb flowers (some should be on the floor to help you).

Go forward and you’ll find another destructable wall with the same material, so do the same again. Then go in the water and swim over to the pillars. Look to the left and you’ll see an archway blocked by black rubble. This time bomb arrows won’t work, so you want to smash with a rock hammer. Get through that and you’ll find youtself in a room with an Ice Like Like. Defeat this thing as it’s ice attacks combine with the water to make your life difficult. Once defeated, go into the room with the chest, open it up for the Soldier’s Helm. This also gives you 4 defense.

Soldier’s Armor Legs Piece Location

Go back out to the pool and through the small opening to the left. Get through the blue rubble with bomb arrows and follow the path around to the left and follow it up, as it goes into a spiral. At the top you’ll find more rocks blocking your way, so get rid of them.

Once you are through you’ll have to face off against a Moblin and Bokoblin, and a quick way to beat them is hit them into the water below. Beat them and continue forward and break the blue rocks once more. Then defeat the two stone talus here and then focus on the debris near the wall. Focus where the stalactites are. In this room there is plenty of loot, weapons and ore. There is a Like Like defending the area you want to get to, so beat that and then make your way through to the chest. Open up the chest and you’ll get the Soldier’s Greaves.

Soldier’s Armor upgrades

There is no set bonus for the Soldier’s armor, but the defense can be upgraded nicely, which makes it a very competitive armor set for beginners and late game players. Here’s the costs.

1-star (7 defense): 5 Chuchu jellies, 3 Bokoblin guts, 10 rupees
2-star (12 defense): 5 Keese eyeballs, 3 Moblin guts, 50 rupees
3-star (18 defense): 3 Lizalfos tails, 3 Hinox guts, 30 flint, 200 rupees
4-star (28 defense): 5 Lynel hooves, 5 Lynel guts, 30 amber, 500 rupees

That is pretty much it. Let me know what you think of the Soldiers Armor in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom and don’t forget to check out more Tears of the Kingdom content on Triforce Times.

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