How to get the Ember Armor in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

The Ember Armor is a decent set of armor, especially if you play to explore high temperature areas in Tears of the Kingdom, given it gives you an extra fire damage boost. This makes exploring the Gerudo Desert, Goron City and Death Mountain a breeze and allows Link to make the most out of the warmer environments. Today I’m going to show you how to get the Ember Armor, so you can wield fire in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

As you explore Hyrule you’ll likely find clues as to the whereabouts of the Ember Armor set. NPCs will give you hints and tips, but today this is all about getting straight to the armor and not worrying about the exploration, today I’m going to give you the precise location of the chests, so you can wield the ember flames as quickly as possible. The Ember Armor consists of 3 pieces – Ember Shirt, Ember Trousers, and Ember Headdress.

Ember Armor Chest Piece Location

You can find the Ember Shirt in the Goronbi River Cave and this is found between Golow River and the Goronbi River, southwest of Goron City. Look at the map, the entrance to the cave is at the southern point of the river.

Run inside the cave, but beware you’re going to need the Flamebreaker Armor, which can be purchased from Goron City at YunoboCo HQ. There’s a fight with a Horriblin almost immediately, so dispatch of them asap with recall or a swift arrow to the forehead. Get past him and you’ll see a small river of lava. There are moving platforms that come in from the rigt hand side and you can use them to get around the cave. Watch out for the loot chest, there’s a ruby in there.

Use the rock platforms and use recall to manipulate their direction. Watch out for the Like Like, tempt it into showing it’s strange ball thing and then hit it, and finish it off for a chest. You’ll need to get through the lava section and you can use a rock platform, plus a combination of Ultrahand if you need to. You’ll need to climb up a wall to get to the treasure chest, and once you get these open it up and you’ll find the Ember Shirt. This has 2 defense and gives you an attack boost in hot weather.

Ember Armor Legs Piece Location

You can find the Ember Trousers inside Cephla Lake Cave, which is found west of the lake, northwest of Zora’s Domain and south of Death Mountain. As you get close, you’ll be able to spot smoke from a campfire.

Have a chat with the two characters outside the cave. This kicks off Misko’s Cave of Chests quest. When you enter the cave, you won’t find any enemies, you’ll find loads of chests. The trick here is to feed the dog outside the cave, and the dog will lead you to the right chest. You can just go in there and pick out the right chest if you know which one to select (it’s stuck in the ground), however, the easiest way is to feed the dog. If you don’t have any food then pick some apples off the trees nearby and give them to the hound. You’ll notice a nice confirmation sound when you have fed the dod enough, then follow it inside the cave and it’ll take you to the chest.

Open up the chest for the Ember Trousers, they have 2 defense and a boost to attacks in hot weather.

Ember Armor Head Piece Location

You can find the Ember Headdress inside the YunoboCo HQ South Cave which is north of Goron City and west of Death Mountain. Looking at the map, it’s next to the mine cart tracks that connect Goron City with YunoboCo HQ, southeast of the HQ itself, and in between the Darunia Lake and Golow River in terms of its horizontal position.

Much like the first piece, you’ll need the Flamebreaker Armor to go inside the cave. There are two Horriblins waiting for you inside the cave. Take them out and look to the right of the cave. There’s a rock wall you can destroy with bomb flowers or a rock hammer. Once you are inside then you want to finish up the Zonai vehicle, given it’s missing a couple of wheels. One is on the ground, the other is on the inner wall. Once you have finished hop on, grab the steering stick and use it to cross the lava.

When you have crossed, there’s some luminous stones to break, and then you’ll find the chest that contains the Ember Headdress. This has 2 defense and an attack boost in hot weather. That’s it, you’ve now completed the set and have all of the Ember Armor. The best thing to do now is to go to a hot weather area of the map and test it out.

Let me know what you think of the Ember Armor in the comments.

That’s it for this guide for how to get the Ember Armor. For more Tears of the Kingdom content like this check out Triforce Times on YouTube and subscribe today.

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