How to get the Yiga Armor in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

The Yiga Armor is an iconic set of armor found in Tears of the Kingdom, and wearing all pieces of this armor increases Link’s Steath, plus a hidden bonus of allowing Link to impersonate being a member of the Yiga Clan. Today I’m going to go through how to get all pieces of the Yiga Clan armor, so you can stealthy explore Hyrule in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

Throughout your adventures in Tears of the Kingdom, you may come across clues as to the whereabouts of the Yiga. Today we’re going to skip through all of that and get straight to the detail and that includes how to get Yiga Armor, Yiga Tights, and Yiga Mask.

Yiga Armor Chest Piece Location

You can find the Yiga Armor in the Akkala Highlands. You want to make your way to Akkala Ancient Tech Lab at the top of the hill. You can use Ulri Mountain Skyview Tower to get there quicker and follow the road from the East Akkala Stable.

Once you make it to Akkala Ancient Tech Lab, then you’ll have a fight with 2 members of the Yiga Clan after trying to enter the lab. The fight is fairly straight forward, but you’ll haver to keep an eye on the big one, given he has a two handed weapon.

Take down the Yiga Clan members and then go inside the hideout and speak to Konba. Konba is a fashion designer, and after the conversation you’ll get the Yiga Armor. It has 1 defense and grants you a bonus to stealth.

Yiga Armor Legs Location

You can find the Yiga Tights at the Yiga Clan Maritta Branch, that can be found in a cave near the Aldor Foothills, which is located southeast of Snowfield Stable at the Tabantha Tundra and west of the Great Hyrule Forest. Lindor’s Brow Skyview Tower will get you close.

Once you get inside the cave you’ll find another two members of the Yiga Clan. Defeat them and then use Ascend to get into the secret room above. Position yourself next to the table, and make your way through the floor to the room above. Have a chat, then get the Yiga Tights. These have 1 defense and a boost to stealth.

Yiga Mask Location

You can find the Yiga Mask at the Yiga Clan Shack northwest of Lake Hylia in the Faron region. Use Hyrule Field Skyview Tower or Popla Foothills Skyview Tower to get closer.

The entrance is protected by some spikes, which are relatively easy to bypass with the nearby platforms. Make your way through and knock on the shack’s door. Two more Yiga Clan members appear and simply do the same as before and take them out. Once they are defeated go inside the shack and collect the Yiga Mask. That’s it, you have the full set.

Yiga Armor upgrades

You’ll get a stealth bonus for each item in the set. When you have upgraded all pieces to at least 2 star you’ll get the set bonus, which is the ability to run faster at night.

1-star (3 defense): 2 Octorok eyeballs, 10 rupees
2-star (5 defense): 3 Fire-Breath Lizalfos tails, 3 puffshrooms, 50 rupees
3-star (7 defense): 5 Ice-Breath Lizalfos tails, 5 Keese eyeballs, 200 rupees
4-star (12 defense): 5 Electric Lizalfos tails, 3 Black Hinox horns, 10 mighty bananas, 500 rupees

Let me know what you think of the Yiga Armor, and let me know where it sits in your favourites.

That’s it for how to get the Yiga Armor in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. For more Tears of the Kingdom content like this check out more on Triforce Times and subscribe today.

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