How to get the Tingle Armor in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

The Tingle armor set might be the strangest armor in Tears of the Kingdom, plus you are guaranteed to scare everyone you meet while wearing the Tingle armor. Today I am going to go through how to get all the Tingle armor, so you can look like the best dressed reincarnation fairy in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

When you are adventuring around Hyrule, it’s possible to pick up clues related to finding Tingle’s armor for example, if you complete Misko’s Tresure side quests. If you don’t want to go through the work of the side quests it’s possible to skip right to the locations of the Tingle armor, but thats much less fun.

Today I’m going to run through all the side quests required to get the locations of the armor, then I’ll run through how to get all pieces of the Tingle armor including Tingle’s Shirt, Tingle’s Tights, and Tingle’s Hood.

Misko’s Cave of Chests Side Quest

Before we start hunting for the Tingle armor set, we have to journey to a cave in the Eldin Region and solve a riddle in a cave. The best way to get there is Kisinona Shrine next to Cephla Lake in Eldin Canyon, or you can get there via Eldin Tower.

Once you are there you’ll meet two adventurers, Domidak and Prissen, outside a cave. You should be able to see them from a distance because they have a good fire going. Have a chat with them and they will explain there are too many chests inside the cave, and you won’t be able to find the treasure, but you’re welcome to go in and have a look if you want to. There are too many chests, but the trick here is to feed their dog outside the cave. There are some apples on the tree nearby, but you can see the dog a combination of food. Feed it enough and it’ll take you into the cave and point at a specific chest. Open up the chest and you’ll get the Ember Trousers. You’ll then get the quest for the Fierce Diety armor.

But that isn’t what we’re looking for today. Go back outside and speak to Domidak and Prissen again. They tell you about 3 manuscripts, which cost 100 rupees each. They describe “the green clothes of a man who admired fairies”. You’ll then want to pick up each of the side quests “Misko’s Treasure: Twins Manuscript,” “Misko’s Treasure: Pirate Manuscript,” and “Misko’s Treasure: Heroine Manuscript”.

Tingle’s Shirt Location (Twins Manuscript)

Check out the riddle on Misko’s Treasure: Twin Manuscript and it reads

“In West Necluda stand twins poised to duel. Each contains a cavern that faces the other. Show the little twin’s sign to the big twin to open the door to my treasure.”

The twins are the Dueling Peaks in West Necluda and you can use Popla Foothills Skyview Tower to get there. You are looking for 2 caves on the western side of the canyon between them; Dueling Peaks South Cave and Dueling Peaks North Cave. The larger cave (Dueling Peaks South Cave) is high on the south wall and the Dueling Peaks North Cave is lower down.

Dueling Peaks North Cave

Enter the cave and defeat the Horriblins. Then continue to the room at the back. The sign from the clue is painted on the ceiling. You can take a photo of it to help you remember the pattern.

Dueling Peaks South Cave

Next you want to make your way to the Dueling Peaks South Cave. There is a Like Like right by the entrance, so take that out. Go above the Like Like and climb up. Then you’ll get to a room where you have to recreate the pattern from the north cave. Move the rocks to the floor locations to recreate the pattern.

The door will open, head inside and pick up Tingle’s Shirt.

Tingle’s Tights Location (Pirate Manuscript)

Next up, check the riddle from Misko’s Treasure: Pirate Manuscript. It says

“A forgotten pirate cavern lurks at the foot of Cape Cales, overlooking the Necluda Sea. The short, shrill song of wind through lips will open the way to my treasure.”

Make your way to Cape Cales to the southern edge of East Necluda. You can use Rabella Wetlands Skyview Tower to get there, or a shrine nearby if you have unlocked it.

Once you get there jump off and glide down to the water. Go north and then look west. You’ll then see Cape Cales Cliffside Cave near the water.

Swim inside and stand on the floating wooden panel. Press down on the dpad to whistle, this refers to “The short, shrill song of wind through lips” in the riddle. The back wall will then slide open. Swim inside and go left to a hidden beach. Use the two wooden panels there to make a raft and go towards the pirate ship in the middle of the cave. Take out the enemies on deck and then go towards the boxes on the south. The chest containing Tingle’s Tights is behind them.

Tingle’s Hood Location (Heroine Manuscript)

Check out the riddle called Misko’s Treasure: Heroine Manuscript in your adventure log and it says:

“Statues of the eight heroines reside in the desert. Enter the valley carved into Hemaar’s Descent, and shine the light of day upon the towering eighth. The path to the treasure will open before you.”

You’ll find the remains of the seven of the heroine statues in the Gerudo Desert, you actually want to go to the Gerudo Highlands. The Gerudo Highlands Skyview Tower will help you get there.

When you arrive face north. There are some mirrors lying around and you’ll need one to solve the “shine the light of day” part of the riddle. Wait until daytime, and grab the mirror with ultrahand and point the light towards the sensor on the statues chest. A cave will open above and its called Statue of the Eighth Heroine Cave.

There are loads of Gibdos inside the cave. Use elemental arrows to kill them. Pick up the fan from the pile of sand and use it to clear the sand from the hut in the middle to reveal the chest. Open it up and you’ll find Tingle’s Hood. That’s it! You now have the full set of Tingle armor.

Tingle Armor Upgrades

You can’t upgrade the armor, but it does have a set bonus of Night Speed Boost, meaning you can run faster at night.

Let me know in the comments what you think of the Tingle Armor and let me know your favourite armor set in Tears of the Kingdom.

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