How to get the Zonaite Armor in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

The Zonaite Armor is not only a good looking set of armour, but it’s also very useful, especially if you like building zonai vehicles given it reduces the amount of energy Zonai devices consume. Today I’m going to walk through how to get all Zonaite Armor pieces, so you can maximise your Zonai energy when using vehicles in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

One thing to be aware of before you get this armor is it’s fairly tricky to reach all of the pieces, given we’re going to have to explore high in the sky islands for each piece of Zonaite Armor. That includes the Zonaite Helm, Zonaite Waistguard, and Zonaite Shin Guards. The more energy cells you have, the better, so if you can stock up on energy cells before heading into the sky islands, that’s going to make your life much easier. It’s also possible to get the amor in any order, although the legs are the easiest to get, and the boost from the legs armor is going to help you get the other pieces.

Zonaite Legs Armor Location

You can find the Zonaite Legs Armor in the Akkala Sky Mine. The best way to get there is via the Ulri Mountain Skyview Tower. Akkala has two mines, the Sokkala Sky Mine and the one above Rist Peninsula. It’s the latter one you want to get to, simply called Sky Mine above Rist Peninsula.

It’s possible to fly up there with a Zonai device, a hot air baloon or something similar. If you have a good amount of batteries or zonai charges, it’s relatively easy to get there. If not, you can land on the platform which is accessible from Ulri Mountain Skyview Tower, and fight the Flux Contruct. After defeating them, there’s a flying machine and batteries, plus you can pick up more batteries to help you.

Once you have made it to the Sky Island location, you want to activate the ring device at the bottom to start up the block pushers. Get into one, and let it shoot you to the top of the island. When you get to the top, turn the pusher so it’s facing the large floating sphere. Then either save or place down a travel mediallion, because you may need to come back to this point if things don’t go well.

Now, put a block into the pusher and shoot it into the sphere. Next, you want to do this yourself, so Link lands in the sphere. You may need to climb a little to get into the sphere or ascend through the bottom. There you’ll find the Zonaite Shin Guards. They have +4 defense and they reduce your Zonai Energy consumption.

Zonaite Chest Armor Location

The Zonaite Chest Armor can be found on the Zonai Forge island and you will need a Zonai Hydrant device. You want to make your way towards a sky island via Sahasra Slope Skyview Tower or Popla Foothills Skyview Tower. Activate the Ukoojisi Shrine and throw some Zonai charges into the dispenser. You only need one hydrant, but it’s always useful to have a spare rocket or fan for future Zonai devices.

Get to the northeastern part of the island and you’ll find a floating platform with a rocket attached, and other rockets laying neaarby. Your destination is very high and you’ll want to attach them vertically, and you’ll need all of them to get up as high as possible. You’ll also wan to attach another rocket when the first one runs out, so be ready to do this quickly with ultrahand. Then glide down to Forge Island.

Interact with the ring to activate the fans and use them with your glider to reach the top of the island. Dive into the center and try to avoid the lasers as you go down. Given there are fans where you are diving, you will need to dive down using the dive button to get there.

At the bottom activate the Yansamin Shrine, then get the Hydrant device and use it to make platforms in the lava behind the shrine. Jump onto the platforms and then Ascend to make it into the secret room. Then open up the chest to get the Zonaite Waistguard, which has +4 defense and reduces your Zonai energy consumption.

Zonaite Head Armor Location

Getting this piece of armor is probably the hardest of the 3, so buckle up for an adventure in the sky. For this one we want to reach Lightcast Island, it’s so high in the sky that it’s in low-gravity.

Before you try this, here’s some useful items.

  • 3 rockets
  • 1 fan
  • 1 control stick
  • 10 Zonai charges
  • 2 spicy sauteed pepper dishes, made with 5 peppers each (for cold weather)
  • 2 energy elixirs (fully restoring your stamina)

You will also need the Zora Armor chestpiece, so if you haven’t got this make your way to the Zora Domain and complete Sidon’s quest.

How to get the Lightcast Island

You’ll find Lightcast Island in the skies above Rito Village, in the center of Tabantha Frontier. It’s one of the very highest sky islands in the game. Use Rospro Pass Skyview Tower north of Rito Village to launch yourself into the air. Then go south to some smaller islands north of West Hebra. Defeat the constructs and then jump on one of the floating islands and consume one of your cold resistance meals. Ideally you want to be wearing your other Zonaite armor here to reduce energy consumption.

Use the balloons and get as high as you possibly can, then angle yourself toward the islands. Get out your rocket Zonai devices and attach horizontally to the platform, and the rocket is positioned in the direction of where you need to go. Activate it, and then repeat a coiple of times.

In the distance you’ll see a waterfall, and you’ll want to attach a fan to the platform to get there. As you approach the platform will disappear. Then glide to the platform, and it’ll take nearly two stamina wheels, so use your potions. Then you want to change into the Zora armor and swim up the waterfall.

Finish swimming up the waterfall and you’ll land on an island with a minecart. Attach a fan to the minecart and it’ll take you to the next island, after you have placed it on the tracks.

At this point, either save or use a travel mediallion, just in case something goes wrong.

You’ll want to build a Fan Plane by using 3 fans with a wing. Also, use two rockets and attach to the device, you’re going to need the extra push to get to Lightcast Island. Attach the control stick, and you’re good to go.

Angle the wing towards Lightcast Island and take off by activating the devices. You may need to replensih zonai energy as you go. Reach the island and then climb up or Ascend. Don’t worry about the Flux Construct for now and make your way to the square area at the end of the island. Here there is another fan platform with lots of batteries. Attach the batteries and take off. That will take you to Lightcast island nice and easy.

How to get the Zonaite Helm

Once you get to Lightcast island save your progress, or use a travel medallion. Also, there is low gravity here, so be careful with your jumps, its easy to fall off. Activate the ring at the western side of the island and destroy the rocks in the middle, then go inside. There are 2 mirrors, angle one towards the opposite end of the chamber, so it hits another mirror. Go to that mirror and repeat the process until you see light pointing down.

Go back to the platform with two mirrors and use Ultrahand to get the spare mirror through the chamber until you reach the vertical light. Drop the mirror down and angle it towards the target. Light will then come into the entire chamber. Move infront of the green target and Ascend up and you’ll find the secret room with the Zonaite Helm. This will give you +4 defense and reduces Zonaite energy consumption.

Zonaite Armor Upgrades

The Zonaite armor gives you an Energy Up boost, plus decreases the amount of battery consumed by Zonai devices. Wear all 3 pieces and upgrade twice each, and you’ll get the Energy Recharge Up buff, which helps you recover energy faster.

Here’s the upgrade costs

1-star (7 defense): 5 Soldier Construct horns, 10 rupees
2-star (12 defense): 5 Soldier Construct II horns, 5 Captain Construct I horns, 5 zonaite, 50 rupees
3-star (18 defense): 5 Soldier Construct III horns, 5 Captain Construct II horns, 5 large zonaite, 200 rupees
4-star (28 defense): 5 Soldier Construct IV horns, 5 Captain Construct III horns, 10 large zonaite, 500 rupees

Let me know what you think of the Zonaite Armor, and let me know your top armor set.

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