How to get the Froggy Armor in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Climbing in the rain can be tricky, given Link slips and slides all over the place, making it difficult to get to those hard-to-reach places. This is where The Froggy Armor comes in, it helps you climb in the rain to stop you falling down. Today I’m going to walk through how to get all the Froggy Armor pieces, so you never have to worry about climbing in the rain in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

The Froggy Armor is great, as you’ll get slip resistance, which gives you similar effects to drinking sticky exilirs. There are 3 armor pieces in total; Froggy Hood, Froggy Sleeve, and Froggy Leggings and getting this armor is a little different to other armor sets.

The Lucky Clover Gazette

As you start to discover stables in Tears of the Kingdom, you’ll notice one big difference from Breath of the Wild, given a newspaper has taken over Rito Stable. You’ll likely stumble upon this former stable when you visit Rito Village. The Lucky Clover Gazette offers up all the latest news to the people of Hyrule, and when you visit this stable you’ll pick up a side adventure called “Potential Princess Sightings” and from there you will need to visit most of the stables around the land.

To get this quest, have a chat with Traysi and Penn. Traysi will also introduce you to your reward, The Froggy Armor. Completing the quest will also net you some new fabric for your paraglider, which is a nice bonus.

Froggy Sleeve

Complete 4 Lucky Clover Gazette side adventures.

Froggy Leggings

Complete 8 Lucky Clover Gazette side adventures.

Froggy Helm

Complete 12 Lucky Clover Gazette side adventures. Once you have completed 12, head back to the Lucky Clover Gazette at the former Rito Stable and you’ll be able to pick up the final piece of Froggy armor.

Potential Princess Sightings Side Adventure

For this one, you are going to want to visit various stables around Hyrule.

  • Snowfield Stable
  • Gerudo Canyon Stable
  • Highland Stable
  • Foothill Stable
  • Outskirt Stable
  • Woodland Stable
  • Tabantha Bridge Stable
  • Dueling Peaks Stable
  • Wetland Stable
  • Riverside Stable
  • South Akkala Stable
  • New Serenne Stable

If you lose track of Penn, then you can always go back to the Lucky Clover Gazette and speak to Traysi to find out where Penn is. There’s also a map on Traysi’s table which marks the locations.

Snowfield Stable

At Snowfield Stable in the Hebra Mountains you’ll find Penn speaking to Harlow. Zelda’s Golden Horse has run away and you have to find it. You’ll find the horse if you go north to North Tabanatha Snowfield.

Gerudo Canyon Stable

When you reach Gerudo Desert you’ll find the Gerudo Canyon Stable, although it’s closed. You’ll find Penn there, and have a chat with him. Then you’ll want to go into the well, break through the rock wall and kill all the enemies there to finish The Blocked Well side adventure.

Highland Stable

Highland Stable is located in the Faron Grasslands. Have a chat with Penn and you’ll then start the “Eerie Voice” side adventure which is northwest of the Fural Plain. Go to the north of Haran Lake and you’ll find the Haran Lakefront Well. Go inside and talk to Sagessa to complete the “Eerie Voice” side adventure, and don’t forget to loot her stash of weapons.

Foothill Stable

This one can be found in Eldin Canyon, and there’s loads of people hanging out side in their underwear. Chat with them and this starts the “For Our Princess!” side adventure. You have to go and attack a monster den to save the Zonai Survey team members. The cave is to the north. Have a chat with Drant, and they look after your gear while you take on the monsters in your underwear. Take out the monsters to complete “For Our Princess!” side adventure.

Outskirt Stable

You’ll find Outskirt Stable in central Hyrule Field. Penn is talking to Neil just south of the stable. Have a chat with them and this will start “The Beckoning Woman” side adventure. Neil directs you towards a mysterious woman, and you have to follow her. After a bit of a joruney, you’ll have to face off against The Yiga Clan. Defeat them to finish “The Beckoning Woman” side adventure.

Woodland Stable

This is another stable near Eldin Canyon. Here you’ll speak to Penn and you’ll get the “Serenade to a Great Fairy”, which is a way to unlock the Great Fairy Fountains. You’ll meet the Stable Trotters, and you have to repair their vehicle to complete the side adventure.

Tabantha Bridge Stable

You’ll find the Tabantha Bridge Stable in Hyrule Field. Talk to Penn to start the “White Goats Gone Missing” side adventure, then have a chat with Chork. You have to follow a trail of pine cones to find the goats, and find the lost recipe from Princess Zelda to complete the quest.

Dueling Peaks Stable

You can find Dueling Peaks Stable in West Necluda. This time Penn is on the roof. Have a chat with him to pick up the “Princess Zelda Kidnapped?!” side adventure. The Yiga Clan have sent a note to the Lucky Clover Gazette saying “We have taken Zelda to the carved-out heart of the towering twins!” Go to the southern twin and you’ll find a woman in a cage, release her with Ultrahand and you’ll get jumped by the Yiga Clan, defeat them to complete the quest.

Wetlands Stable

You will find the Wetland Stable in the Lanayru Wetlands. Penn is to the north talking to people. Chat with him to start the “The Missing Farm Tools” side adventure.

Go down the hill and you’ll find Izra at the stable’s dock. He needs some help floating downstream. There’s some Zonai devices nearby and you can make yourself a boat with Ultrahand to take him down the river. You reach a dock and then you’ll speak to Magda to complete the quest.

Riverside Stable

Riverside Stable is found in the eastern part of Hyrule Field. Penn is just to the north and he’l give you the “Gourmets Gone Missing” side adventure. Go onto the island and talk to Gotter. Go over the bridge and follow the road northeast until you find some tents and some sick people laying around. They messed up a recipe, and you’ll need to create “Meat and Rice Bowl” recipe: 1 raw meat, 1 Hylian rice, and 1 rock salt. Make it, give it to Angus to complete the quest.

South Akkala Stable

You’ll find this stable in the Eldin Canyon region. There’s a mysterious cuckoo there, speak to Penn to start the “All-Clucking Cucco” quest. Speak to the cuckoo and it’ll give you 3 challenges. Get to the top of the stable as fast as possible, use a rocket shield here. Bring 3 logs to the cuckoo, you can chop down nearby trees. There is no 3rd challenges, it was all a trap by the Yiga Clan. Complete all these to finish the quest.

New Serenne Stable

This can be found in Hyrule Field and you want to have a chat with Penn. He informs you of a beast in the southern region. Go to Lakeside Stable in West Necluda, cross the river to find Cima who runs the Dondon sanctuary there to complete “The Beast and the Princess.”

Then finally, go back to Snowfield Stable to pick up your reward, The Froggy armor.

Froggy Armor upgrades and set bonus

If you wear any of the Froggy Armor you’ll get the Slip Resistance effect. Wearing multiple pieces if going to increase that effect. Slip Resistance increases the distance you can climb without falling down in the rain. You can enhance the armor at the Great Fairy Fountains and when you upgrade to 2 Star you’ll get the set bonus Slip Proof, meaning you never have to worry about slipping again.

Here’s the upgrade costs

1-star (5 defense): 3 sticky lizards, 10 rupees
2-star (8 defense): 5 Horriblin horns, 5 sticky lizards, 50 rupees
3-star (12 defense): 5 Blue Horriblin horns, 5 sticky frogs, 200 rupees
4-star (20 defense): 5 Black Horriblin horns, 10 Horriblin guts, 10 opals, 500 rupees

Let me know in the comments what you think of the Froggy Armor, and let me know your top armor set in Tears of the Kingdom.

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