How to get the Desert Voe Armor (Heat Resistance) in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Exploring the Gerudo Desert is tough, given you have to deal with both unbearable heat during the day and the cold at night. This is where the Desert Voe Armor comes in handy, it helps you with heat resistance and dealing with the unbearable heat during the day. Today I’m going to go through how to get all Desert Voe Armor pieces, so you don’t have to worry about the unbearable heat ever again in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

If you’ve visited the Gerudo Desert then it’s likely you will have found at least one of the Desert Voe armor pieces. Getting heat resistance with the whole set makes exploration in hot weather much easier, and the set includes Desert Voe Headband, Desert Voe Spaulder, and Desert Voe Trousers. Before you embark on this quest you’ll need some tools to smash through rocks, and 2,400 rupees.

Desert Voe Headband location

For your first piece of armor you want to head southwest on the map towards Gerudo Desert. You’ll likely come across the Gerudo Canyon Stable, then keep going southwest to find the Kara Kara Bazaar. Have a chat with Saula at the armor shop and you’ll be able to buy the Desert Voe Headband for 450 rupees. The headband alone will help, but getting the full set is better.

Desert Voe Spaulder and Trousers location

Next up, you want to make your way to Gerudo Town, and specifically find a shop called Fasion Passion. Saula will tell you about the secret shop at the bazaar. From Kara Kara Bazaar head southwest until you reach Gerudo Town. The first time you go there it’s going to be shrouded in sand and you’ll find Gibdo’s wandering around Gerudo Town. You’ll need to complete the Lightning Temple near Gerudo Town to clear the bad weather.

There’s a useful shrine above Gerudo Town called Soryotanog Shrine. Make your way up there, and then look down on the town. You are looking for a small entrance to a cave. You’ll notice a small waterfall near the entrance to the cave and you can jump off near where the Shrine is, and float down the hole using the paraglider.

Break your way through the rocks, you’ll need to go through 3 or 4 rock clusters, and you can use bomb arrows or a hammer weapon to get through. Keep smashing through until you turn left, and then you’ll see some pillars. Use Ascend here near the pillars and you’ll enter Fasion Passion. Greta then says hello, and you can buy the remaining Desert Voe pieces of armor. The Desert Voe Spaulder costs 1,300 rupees and the Desert Voe Trousers will cost 650 rupees.

Desert Voe upgrades

While wearing the Desert Voe armor set you’ll get the Heat Resistance effect, which is the same as a meal or an exilir. Wearing multiple pieces of the armor is going to increase the effect. The set bonus is shock resistance called Shock Damage Resist, meaning you’ll get two types of resistance at the same time.

1-star (5 defense): 3 White Chuchu jellies, 10 rupees
2-star (8 defense): 5 White Chuchu jellies, 3 cool safflinas, 50 rupees
3-star (12 defense): 5 Ice Keese wings, 3 Ice-Breath Lizalfos tails, 5 chillshrooms, 200 rupees
4-star (20 defense): 5 Ice-Breath Lizalfos horns, 10 Ice-Breath Lizalfos tails, 5 sapphires, 500 rupees

Let me know in the comments what you think of the Desert Voe armor, plus let me know your favourite armor in Tears of the Kingdom.

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