What We Want From Zelda Tears of the Kingdom DLC

Tears of the Kingdom has been out for a few months now, and while the game is massive, many are looking to the future hoping Nintendo will follow up with DLC, much like they did with Breath of the Wild. Today I want to check out the top community DLC asks, first going through what you want, picking out some common themes, and then I’ll run through what I think would be a good candidate for DLC in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild released two DLC packs; the first on June 30th and the second on December 8th 2017. The first DLC released was just over 3 months after Breath of the Wild released in early March 2017. With that in mind, I am hopeful Nintendo will soon announce DLC plans for Tears of the Kingdom, and ideally that would be released in the not too distant future.

Before I go into some detail about what I’d like to see from Tears of the Kingdom DLC, I put a call out to find out what you want from DLC, so let’s go through that first.

Well first I definitely want kass back! I’d like to see more on the 3 dragons and their history. Also I’d like to have some quest involving rebuilding hyrule. More on how TotK connects with botw. Possibly more on when the zonia were in the sky, like how big of a population they were, we’ve only seen Rauru and Mineru, we’re there lots more at one point or was it a small population. It’s asking for a lot, but I’d also love to see the minish, the concept art from botw for a shrinkable link would have been my favorite thing put into the game.
So I hope one of these come in the DLC.

There’s quite a lot here. I do like the idea of more history of the Dragons and where they came from. Given swallowing a Sacred Stone turns you into a Dragon, are the other Dragons that fly around the skies of Hyrule other Hylians (or Zonai) who have swallowed stones and who were they? I’d love to see more about the Zonai, as you are right, we only got to see Rauru and Mineru. It’d be good to go back even further at the height of the Zonai Tribe. It’d be great to see them building the Constructs and the process there. As for the minish, I’d 100% love to see that concept brought into the game.

Explanation behind the origin of Dinraal, Farosh, and Naydra. Also the origin of TotK Ganondorf would be nice (the reason he is evil, how he came to power) as well as the influence of the younger Twinrova (Koume and Kotake).

Another ask for the origin of the other dragons here, so that appears to be a popular topic. Also, more about Ganondorf’s origin – I like this idea. When we’re introduced to Ganondorf in Tears of the Kingdom, he’s already evil, and we don’t really know why. Ganondorf is one of the best characters in the game, so I’d love to see more, plus it’s always good to have more Matt Mercer (the voice actor behind Ganondrof in TOTK).

Champions back in totk. I see a quest after you finish each respective part of regional phenomenon you see a glowing light and you and that respective sage go to that light in a new set of sky islands where you see the champions again and pass their abilities on to the sages for us to use. After so you can interact with the spirits in their group of sky islands. prob not happening but I like to dream. Also I would like to see some backstory to ganondorf with twinrova and the sage of lightning.

More about the ancient champions would be good. I did like the cutscenes in Tears of the Kingdom, the only thing that was slightly annoying was those scenes felt very similar, the champions didn’t have their own personality, like the champions in Breath of the Wild. It may not have helped they were masked, and we couldn’t connect with them. Also, another fan of Ganondorf’s back story, which I 100% endorse.


  • An explanation for the shiekah techs disappearance.
  • A way to rebuild at least hyrule castle if not all of hyrule, and Zelda either be playable for some parts or a companion.

It would be good to find out more about Sheikah Tech and where that went. I do like the idea related to rebuilding Hyrule Castle, similar to the overall theme of rebuilding Hyrule. I don’t think we’re going to get playable Zelda, I think that would have been a big feature for the main game, and fans have been calling for that for so long, and Nintendo don’t appear to be budging on their current position of Link saving Zelda. I do think the idea of companion Zelda is a great idea, especiually given we had companions throughout the temples in Tears of the Kingdom.

I wanna explore the rest of the temple of time. From what it looks like, we only get to see what’s in the bottom floor, and there’s probably 3 more. (one of my predictions before the game came out was that this place would be a beginner dungeon to kind of test if you can leave the great sky island to go to hyrule, so the fact that 3 floors are seemingly off limits is weird)

Yes for sure. I love the look of the Temple of Time, and given it’s such an iconic location it’d be good to explore the rest.

I will probably think one of them should be about the ancient sages that fought alongside Rauru and then the other being about the ancient hero.

More votes here for backstory related to the Ancient Sages, that seems like a great idea. Much of the build up to Tears of the Kingdom was focused oon the Ancient Hero, but I don’t think that ever materialised in Tears of the Kingdom, so it’d be good to find out more.

Life improvements. For example markers on the map for defeated beasts if your going for the medals. Or an option to set the sensor for a species(so it for instance detects all Froxes). As it is now I guess most people cheat by looking on the web. Better if the game makes it a little less tiresome.

Good QOL improvement ideas here, thank you!


  • Master quest similar to BOTW in terms of set up (added game file). Gold tier enemies with new fuse parts and reten health. Changes to maps to add difficulty (boss additions, boss camps, etc).
  • An upgrade to master sword, either through another “trial of the sword” or a special side adventure that encompasses more than just the trial. The master sword, considering the lore in the story, isn’t as powerful as you’d think it should be.
  • New main content that is one of the following: The other dragon’s stories through a tear quest (4 tears for each dragon) / a deeper dive into the stories of the sages of past that grant upgrades to the current sage skills / a side adventure with koume and kotake trying to revive ganondorf.
  • Misc extras: special korok seeds to hunt for additional inventory space (seems like there is room for more), additional armor sets (starting outfit from SS for example), and additional weapons from older games (razor sword and gilded sword from MM, for example)

There’s loads to dive into here. I love the idea of Gold Tier enemies and new fusion parts. Unlocking a more challenging experience would be good. More boss camps would be good, plus I’d love to see more enemy density. I love the idea of doing more with the Master Sword, that quest to get the sword was fantastic and one of my best gaming moments of 2023, so a new side adventure related to the Master Sword would be good. You also mention more Dragon stories, or a specific backstory through the tears mechanic sounds like a great way to do it, plus you mention the Ancient Sages which is emerging as a popular theme.

I gotta see the BotW Champions and Divine Beasts again!

I forsure wanna see kass come back

i would also like more info about the dragons and the zonia

More on the ancient hero!

Time travel and additional playable characters.


Kass I miss my bird boy

Looking at all of the requests, Dragon’s Lore or bacstory comes out top as the most requested topic for DLC. Then it’s a tie between Ganondorf back story, more about the Ancient Sages, Rebuilding Hyrule, Twinrova, Kass and more about the Ancient Hero.

Personally, I would love to see an addition Temple, an addition to the main quest and more side adventures, plus a higher difficulty mode. I think Ganondorf or the Dragons make sense for the additional story, and given Ganondorf’s role in the game and series, it’d be good to see more about his rise to power and corruption. Rebuilding Hryule feels like a good side adventure, which could be weaved all across Hyrule, and if we’re going to get another Temple, then I would love to see Princess Zelda fighting alongside Link. I doubt we’re going to get playable Zelda, but fighting alongside Zelda would be good enough for me.

That’s it for this look at what we want from Tears of the Kingdom DLC. Let me know in the comments what you want to see, and whether you agree with this list, or you want something completely new.

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