She’s back! Angry NPC returns in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

There is a famous NPC in Breath of the Wild, a very angry lady who offers up Link a Shrine quest in the game. Well, good news! She’s back in Tears of the Kingdom. Is she still as angry as she was, or has she chilled out? Today I want to take a closer look at one of the most angry NPCs we saw in Breath of the Wild, and let you know how you can meet her again in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

Given Tears of the Kingdom is a direct sequel to Breath of the Wild, it’s not surprising we see characters return, and potentially move on in their journey in the latest instalment of the Zelda franchise. Plenty of time has passed since the end of th Breath of the Wild, and Nintendo offer up some nice continuity between the games by reintroducing us to characters.

Hyrule is a varied land with lots of people going about their business. In Tears of the Kingdom there are a number of Side Adventures to get to know these characters, and there’s a lot going on. Mushroom-based fashion has taken over Hateno Village, a team of investigators are searching in their underwear because they overheard Zelda wanted them to, and people also have hobbies they are very passionate about.

Magda in Breath of the Wild

One very passionate NPC, bordering on angry, was Magda. She planted a maze of flowers around the Hila Rao Shrine, and she was very attentive to their needs. Link has to creep around this maze, making sure he doesn’t step on the flowers, because if he does, Magda gets very anrgy.

When Link first speaks to Magda, she says that she is pleased with how the Ancient Shrine looks now, and while she welcomes him to look at the Flowers, she also warns him to be careful not to step on them. If Link steps on the Flowers before interacting with Magda, she will yell at him to stop. She then explains that she was the one who planted the Flowers, and she tells him to be careful not to cause them harm. After either of these exchanges, the “Watch Out for the Flowers” Shrine Quest will begin.

The first time Link steps on the Flowers, Magda will be angered, saying that they are screaming in pain. If Link disrupts the Flowers a second time, she will yell at him to treat them carefully, as they are living beings. If he does so a third time, Magda will become despondent, saying that she has told him to stop so many times that she has lost count. She cannot comprehend how Link does not understand. Suddenly, she shouts in anger before taking off. While running through her garden, Magda rants at Link about his trespasses before falling on her face. She then resolves to make Link understand the “flowers’ rage,” at which point she attacks him.

Lets have a look.

When Magda attacks Link, she will remove three Hearts from his Life Gauge. Her attack will leave him with a minimum of a quarter of a Heart. If Link has less than three Hearts when she attacks, she will not cause any damage to him, instead knocking him out. Following this, the process of angering Magda will start over.

After Hila Rao Shrine has been activated, Magda will notice that it has changed in color, believing this to be because it is pleased with her Flowers. When spoken to again, she will ask if he has been stepping on the Flowers recently. Clearly she wasn’t able to let it go.

Magda in Tears of the Kingdom

We meet Magda again in Tears of the Kingdom at the end of the “Missing Farm Tools” Side Adventure. This is one of the collection of side adventures you’ll encounter while working with the Lucky Clover Gazette. There are 12 to complete for the “Potential Princess Sightings!”, where you have to travel to all the stables across Hyrule.

To meet Magda, you’ll want to complete “Missing Farm Tools”. For this one, head to Wetland Stable near Tukarok Shrine in the Lanayru Wetlands. Speak to Penn, and he’ll explain Zelda borrow the farm tools and never gave them back. You then have to speak to Izra, who will help you by taking a boat down river to where the tools are. You have to build a boat using Ultrahand and then escort Ezra down the river.

At the end of the journey, there is a surprise there waiting to meet us.

Poor old Izra. His eyes are screaming “HELP ME”.

She says she has been tasked by Zelda to make sure the flower beds here are kept in good shape. She takes this job very seriously, and Izra will acknowledge that it’s for a good cause that the tools haven’t been returned. He is then roped into helping Magda, and the quest comes to an end.

Magda certainly seems to have calmed down a lot in Tears of the Kingdom. Perhaps it’s due to her newly found responsbility given to her by Zelda? Whatever the reason, she’s still serious about her flowers, but slightly less violent, which is always nice. Magda does keep a lid on her anger in Tears of the Kingdom, even if Link steps on her flowers. Magda even refers to her garden as the “best garden in Hyrule”, so she’s clearly proud of her work.

Magda was a memorable character from Breath of the Wild, even though she was only in the game for a short shrine quest. She left an impression, and it’s great to see her back. If you want to see Magda again, then I recommend checking out the “Missing Farm Tools” quest. The whole “Potential Princess Sightings!” is very good, but this one stands out as one of my favourites, mainly due to the surprise reveal at the end of the quest.

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