The Best Armor in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Tears of the Kingdom is filled with great armor sets to get; some look good, some make you more powerful, and some help you ecxplore the Depths and use Zonai Devices for longer. Today I am going to go through the best armor sets to get in Tears of the Kingdom, plus how to get them, so you can look your best while exploring Hyrule in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

Soldier Armor

The first set is the Soldier armor, and this is a great starter set. You get a great defense boost, plus you can get this nice and early in the game, so it’s going to help you take on those tough enemies.

Fierce Deity Armor

The Fierce Deity armor is great because you get an attack boost, plus you’ll get the famous sword.

Climbing Armor

The Climbing armor is going to help you climb faster, which always comes in use in Tears of the Kingdom.

Barbarian Armor

The Barbarian armor set gives you an attack boost, and is a formiddable armor set to have early in the game to help you take care of enemies.

Froggy Armor

The Froggy armor set helps you climb in the rain. Rain can make getting around in Tears of the Kingdom a pain, much like in Breath of the Wild, but the Froggy armor means you don’t have to worry about slipping on wet surfaces.

Glide Armor

Sky diving is one of the most fun activities in Tears of the Kingdom, but you have to be careful falling at great heights as the fall damage can kill Link in an instant. Get the glide armor and upgrade it, and you never have to worry about fall damage ever again.

Phantom Armor

The Phantom armor gives Link incredible defense, as well as an attack boost. This is another great armor set for those exploring early in the game and reduces the stress against tough enemies.

Depths Armor

The Depths armor helps Link not worry about Gloom, the sticky red and black substance that drains Link’s health over time.

Miner’s Armor

The Miner’s armor helps Link see in the Depths, which is lifesavng much of the time when you haven’t got access to lights deep down in the Depths.

Zonaite Armor

The Zonaite armor is one of the best looking and functionally it helps Link increase the amount of battery for Zonai Devices, meaning you can use Zonai Devices for longer – riding in vehicles, flying, or attacking enemies with makeshift weapons.

Let me know your favourite armor in Tears of the Kingdom, and let me know what I missed.

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