Announcing The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Zelda Game Club

Today I am announcing the next Zelda Game Club, this time for The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time. The Zelda Game Club is where we play through Zelda games together in a big Triforce Times community playthrough, then share our comments and thoughts on the game.

The most recent Zelda Game Club was a playthrough of The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening earlier in 2023, and then we had the big release of Tears of the Kingdom. Now I’d like to go back to a classic Zelda game, and it happens to be one of the very best in the series.

Here’s what the Zelda Game Club is all about. Much like a book club, we play through the game separately, then come back together on a weekly basis, you send in your comments, experiences, things you enjoyed, and things you wanted to improve, and we can discuss all that with each other via YouTube comments.

The Triforce Times Community has grown a lot since we played through our first Zelda Game Club game with Zelda II. That was a great experience, playing it through with the Triforce Times community. It might be your first time playing through Ocarina of Time and you get to share your experiences with the community, or it may be your 10th time playing through, and you know every secret and strategy to speed run through the game.

Here’s how it’s going to work:

Get yourself a copy of Ocarina of Time – The easiest way is probably via Nintendo Switch Online (check out the N64 games), or you may have an original N64. Either way, get yourself a copy of the game to play.

Over the next few weeks, we play through the game together. I’d like to check in a couple of times during the playthrough.

Play through the game until you get to the end of the The Mighty Collection. When you get to that point stop playing, add your comments to this video and wait for the next steps.

Week 1 9th October
Inside The Great Deku Tree
Princess of Destiny
The Mighty Collection

Week 2 16th October
Dodongo’s Cavern
Inside Jabu-Jabu’s Belly
Timely Appearance

Week 3 23rd October
Forest Temple
Fire Temple
Ice Cavern

Week 4 30th October
Water Temple
Bottom of the Well
Shadow Temple

Week 5 6th November
Spirit Temple
Ganon’s Castle

Add your comments to this video, what do you like about Ocarina of Time, what don’t you like? Which characters did you meet, and what items did you pick up? It’d be great to go into as much detail as possible, then we can have a full discussion on the next episode. Get your comments in by 6th October 2023, as that’s when I will be putting together the Ocarina of Time Part 1 video, and I’d love to include as many comments as possible from you the Triforce Times community.

I’ll post Ocarina of Time Part 1 in a week from now on 9th October 2023. In that video, I’ll give you instructions for part 2.

As well as running through our experience of the games, I’m going to go back through the development history of Link’s Awakening, plus pick out some interesting facts you may not have heard of.

I’m really looking forward to diving back into Ocarina of Time, plus I hope you can join in and play through it as well. The Legend of Zelda series is absolute magic for me, and I am really excited to dive back into a series that helped me form my love for video games. The more people who play and contribute to the Zelda Game Club, the better it will be.

Let me know in the comments if you have any questions. Get yourself a copy of Link’s Awakening, start playing through, stop when you collect the three Pendants and comment down below here on this video with your experiences, stories, wishes and gripes, all related to Link’s Awakening.

It would be a massive help too if you could share this video with your friends, family, colleagues, kids… anyone you think would like to play through Ocarina of Time. I want this to be a great interactive community experience.

That’s all for now, send over any questions you may have in the comments, but grab yourself a copy of Ocarina of Time and start playing Zelda Game Club today.

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