Side Adventures You Should Not Miss In Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Tears of the Kingdom has a great main story campaign, but much like other open-world adventures, some of the best stories are found in the smaller adventures around the Hyrule. Today I want to highlight some of the best side adventures, I’ll let you know how to find them, so you can get the most out of your adventures throughout Hyrule in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

Without further delay let’s dive into some of the best side adventures in the game.

All Clucking Cucco

This is another bizarre side adventure, and you’ll interact with a talking chicken who can tell your fortune. It’s another side adventure part of the Potential Princess Sightings. This time you’ll want to go to the South Akkala Sable in the Akkala Highlands. Once there talk to Penn and then you’ll have to queue to speak to the talking cucco. When you do speak to them, you’ll be set a few tasks, like get to the top of the stable as fast as possible. However, it’s all a trick, because somehow the Yiga Clan have created this magical talking chicken. I’ve heard of the Yiga clan using disguises, but this one is VERY good.

The Ultimate Dish

The Ultimate Dish is good fun, plus well worth your time. This can be found by exploring north of Kakariko Village and you’ll find Rikoka Hills. There is a well here with smoke coming out of it. Head inside the well and you’ll find Moza, who appear to have burnt their dinner (hence the smoke). Moza is great because they can repair any Dubious Food or Rock Hard Food for 10 rupees. The first time you visit Moza will repair a meal for 5 rupees, but you can go back anytime and fix up a meal-gone-wrong for a small fee.

The Duchess Who Disappeared

This is a really nice side adventure found in the Hebra region. It’s all about exploring caves. You can start this one in a couple of ways. First of all, east of the starting location in the East Biron Snowshelf Cave, have a chat with Russ and he’ll ask you to find Selmie. Alternatively you can just find Selmie in the East Biron Snowshelf Cave behind some rocks. Chatting to Selmie starts the quest and once you have finished you’ll end up in her cabin at the Hebra East Summit. As a reward for the quest you’ll get a Strong Zonaite Shield, which you can then use to sheild surf down the mountain.

The Hidden Treasure of Lizard Lakes

This side adventure is good because you’ll get a very useful item at the end, plus it’s a nice callback to Breath of the Wild. Yunobo and Bludo have a chat in the middle of Goron City and it reveals a hidden treasure is in the middle of Lizard Lakes. Check out your map and you’ll need to make your way to the Lizard near the cliff towards the south. Make your way there and beind breakable rocks you’ll find the Vah Rudania Devine Helm. This offers fire protection against volcanic heat and an upgrade to Yunobo’s spirit when taken to a Great Fairy.

Presenting Travel Medallion

To get access to the Travel Medallion, you’ll want to upgrade the Pura Pad for the advanced features, given to you by Robbie. You will need to finish up a couple of quests early in the game to get access to this, and they include “Camera Work in the Depths” and “A Mystery in the Depths”. Both of these quests can be accessed by speaking to Robbie and Josha in Lookout Landing and following the quest steps.

Make your way to Hateno Village from Lookout Landing, and have a chat with Robbie. He’ll explain the advanced features that are available. To get the Travel Medallion, he sends you off to Akkala Ancient Tech Lab in Akkala, which is at the north eastern part of Hyrule. The Travel Medallion can open up to 3 travel points, but you do need to upgrade it by opening up Skyview Towers to have the Travel Medallion at it’s full potential.

Once you have made it to the lab you have to get ready for a fight with the Yiga Clan. After you have beaten the Yiga Clan members, pick up the loot they dropped and ente the lab. Have a chat with Konba, a fashion designer who will give you the Yiga Armor. He’ll then leave, and you want to find the chest next to the workbench and notebooks. Open up the chest and you’ll get the Travel Medallion Prototype.

Now you have this, make your way back to the Hateno Research Lab and have a chat with Robbie. He says this is great, but it can be upgraded. You’ll need 10 map locations for a second travel gate, and 15 for a third. To upgrade it simply visit all the Skyview Towers in Hyrule and unlock them, and you’ll be doing this anyway to uncover the map of Hyrule, so just remeber to go back to see Robbie when you have done 15 to get the full benefits of the Travel Medallion. You can drop travel points when you need on the map and also delete them too from the map screen.

Legacy of the Rito

This is a fantastic side adventure plus it had a great reward. The one caveat with this one is that you need to have completed the Rito part of the Regional Phenomena quest. Once you have finished that, exploring Rito Village and it’s surroundings is worth your time. Have a chat with Teba, and he’ll ask you to gather 3 diamonds, a Swallow Bow and 5 bundles of wood. Teba then makes you a Great Eagle Bow. This is by far one of the best bows in the game and it allows Link to fire 3 arrows per shot. A great thing about this is if you need a new Great Eagle Bow you can always go back to Rito Village and speak to Teba and he’ll craft you a new one if you given him the 3 ingredients.

Where are the Wells?

This is definitely one for the completionists out there. There are 58 wells across Hyrule, offering access to underground caves of varying sizes. You can find this side adventure at Lookout Landing. You’ll find Fera, and she’s tracking all the well locations in Hyrule. For every well you find Fera will give you 10 rupees, which is a nice little incentive to find all the wells.

The Mother Goddess Statue

This side adventure offers one of the best rewards in the game, but you do have to work for it because this is the fourth in a series of quests. There are 3 Goddess Statues around the Hyrule map, which each represent Power, Courage and Wisdom of the Triforce. Each Goddess Statue has a quest attached to it, and by completing the 3 quests you’ll unlock the The Mother Goddess Statue quest. Once it’s available, head to the The Forgotten Temple in Tangar Canyon.

What once was a broken, fallen statue is now standing proud, and Link can pray at the foot of the statue. The Mother Goddess then offers Link the White Sword of the Sky. This is one of the best swords in the game, plus you’ll get the unique sneak strike similar to the Skyward Sword made famous in the canonical first entry in the Zelda series.

For Our Princess!

We’ll start with a funny side adventure which has explorers of Hyrule going into a cave half-naked, because they mis-heard Princess Zelda’s command. You’ll encounter this side adventure at the Foothills Stable near Eldin Canyon, and it’s part of the wider Potential Princess Sightings questline. There’s a cave nearby and you have to clear out the cave. You’ll start with no clothes, and no items, and you have to use whatever you find in cave to defeat the enemies.

The explorers thought Princess Zelda said “Prepare your mind and body and explore in your underpants”. What she actually said was “Prepare your mind and body and explore all other paths”. So, going into the cave in their underwear was all a big misunderstanding, albeit quite a funny one. To start the overall quest you’ll need to travel to the Lucky Clover Gazette near Rito Village in the north west, then head to Foothills Stable.

Mattison’s Independence

This is one of the best side adventures in the game. You can access this one through Tarrey Town in the Akkala Region and speak to Hudson and Rhondson. Link then has to help their daughter, Mattison, and help her before she leaves for Gerudo Town. You have to help around Tarrey Town, but the outcome is fantastic. When Link has completed the tasks then speak to Rhondson to start the Home on Arrange quest. This allows Link to build his own house in Tarrey Town for 1500 rupees. You can add a kitchen, weapon storage rooms and more. It’s a nice way to end the qust and you can get very creative when building Link’s House.

Let me know your favourite side adventures in Tears of the Kingdom.

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