Link Transforms Into The Hero of Time in Ocarina of Time Iconic Zelda Moments

This is a new series looking at Iconic Zelda Moments – the key moments from across the Zelda series that helped us fall in love with the franchise. Today I want to look at one of my favourites, and that is Link stepping into the Temple of Time as a child, and walking out an adult in the 1998 classic, Ocarina of Time.

Before we get into it, let me know your Iconic Zelda Moment and it could be featured in this series.

Without futher delay, let’s have a look at Link’s Transformation In The Temple of Time in Ocarina of Time. I’ll run through some commentary, then play out the Iconic Zelda Moment in full, but you can use the time stamps if you want to.

This Iconic Zelda Moment happens just after you collect the 3 spiritual stones and make your way back to Hyrule Castle. There are dark clouds above the castle, and as you approach the drawbridge lowers and it’s your dream from the beginning of the game, but this time its playing out in real life.

Impa rides out from the castle with Princess Zelda riding with her. As they pass, the Princess throws the Ocarina of Time in your direction. Ganondorf follows, stops and looks at Link and demands to know where the Princess went. Link is defiant and Ganondorf attacks Link with his evil magic. Once we get back control we can pick up the Ocarina of Time from the moat. Link then sees a vision of Princess Zelda and she teaches you the Song of Time.

Next we make our way towards the Temple of Time. We place the Spiritual Stones in front of the Door of Time, and it opens to reveal the mystical Master Sword. Link draws the sword, but is then encased in light.

Link then understands the truth. Rather than stopping Ganondorf’s plans by opening the Door of Time, he’s been using Link all along to get inside the Sacred Realm. Link then wakes up in the temple, with Rauru, The Sage of Light. Rauru explains it was Link’s destiny to pick up the Master Sword from the Temple of Time and take on the evil forces that engulf Hyrule, however, Link was too young when he first picked up the sword, so Link’s spirit was sealed away in the Sacred Realm for 7 years. Link is no longer a child, he’s an adult now.

In that time Ganondorf stole the Triforce and turned Hyrule into a land where monsters roam free and rule. The only way to defeat him is to now gather the power of the six sages and defeat Ganondorf with the legendary Master Sword.

It’s such a good moment in the series, and even within this moment there are a few key story beats. When Link first gets the Ocarina of Time, adult Princess Zelda teaches him the Song of Time through a vision, hinting at what is to come. The reveal that Ganondorf simply used Link to get inside the Sacred Realm demonstrates his cunning and intelligence. Ganondorf laughing in Link’s face as he’s powerless as a child to stop Ganondorf going after the Princess. Then there is the reveal that Link is no longer a child, and he’s now an adult, and he’s been in the Sacred Realm for 7 years, waiting to come of age to emerge as the Hero of Time. It’s epic stuff.

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