Ten Major Plot Holes in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Tears of the Kingdom came out to much fanfare earlier this year, however, while the story started and ended pretty well, there were some major plot holes in the game, and today I’d like to take a close rlook at them. This includes the lack of an acnient hero, what happend to the Sheikah tech, plus many more as we dive into the 10 major plot holes in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

Without further delay, lets dive right in.

Calamity Ganon and Ganondorf

Given Princess Zelda travelled back to the past, she should have spoken to Rauru about Calamity Ganon. Zelda doesn’t even seem to draw a direct line between Ganondorf and Calamity Ganon, which is strange given her role in the final battle at the end of Breath of the Wild. She could have warned Rauru and Sonia back in the past.

No Ancient Hero Reveal

In Breath of the Wild it was teased we’d have an ancient hero in the past. Much theory crafting between Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom’s release was focused on this character, only for Nintendo to keep fans dangling and not tie up this loose end. There is an Ancient Hero armor set in the game, but even better than this would have been the Ancient Hero in a cutscene in the past, given Zelda teleports there and spends much of the game filling us in on the story in the ancient past. The Ancient Hero was featured heavily in the tapestries and story telling in Breath of the Wild, and it made a lot of sense to flesh out this character, given Ganon and a Princess were also featured in this tapestry.

Divine Beasts

The Divine Beasts played a major part in Breath of the Wild, they were buried Sheikah tech that would be taken over by Calamity Ganon and used against the Royal Family in Hyrule. Link would go onto explore each one, before turning their power against Calamity Ganon in the final battle. But what happened to the Divine Beasts once they had performed their duty against Ganon? Where did they go? It would have been good in Tears of the Kingdom to explain what happened, and this is much of the same to all of the Sheikah Tech… it’s just not part of this story. While this is fine, given this is a direct sequel to Breath of the Wild, some kind of explanation would have been good.

Sheikah Technology

Sheikah Technology was one of the defining factors in Breath of the Wild. While many games of thr past as pure fantasy; swords, shields, knights, princesses and dragons, Sheikah technology introduced the idea of science into the world, and was one of the best additions to the game. Zonai tech essentilly comes in and replaces Sheikah tech, but we didn’t get an explanation for the disappearence of Sheikah technology. Nintendo devs have commented on this with Hidemaro Fujibayashi saying

“They disappeared after the Calamity was defeated (sealed). All of the people of Hyrule also witnessed this, but there is no one who knows the mechanism or reason why they disappeared, and it is considered a mystery. It is believed that since the Calamity disappeared, they also disappeared as their role had been fulfilled.”

That’s a rather poor explanation, outside of the game, but many fans aren’t going to see this, and once again it would have been good to have an in-game explanation (and a better one too).

Rauru and Ganondorf

Ganondorf kills Sonia, and Rauru is devastated. However, Zelda warned Rauru what would happen, she had her suspiscions that Ganondorf was an evil man, yet Rauru let him go free. Even Rauru said he knew something was wrong, but he suggested he wanted to keep his enemies close. This backfired given he ended up murding his wife… he should have taken more decisive action earlier.

Time Gap

Time has past between Tears of the Kingdom and Breath of the Wild, but exactly how much time isn’t very clear. Given the age difference of some characters, you’d guess it was roughly 5 years or so between games, however the details aren’t consistent. Some residents of Tarry Town have children, too old to be born since the end of the previous story, plus when you compare Tulin’s age now compared to the first game, this doesn’t seem to add up.

Ganondorf’s Secret Stone

Perhaps one good thing to do when Ganondorf froze after the battle with Rauru, would have been to remove his secret stone. This falls off when Link and Zelda discover Ganondorf early on in the game, with Princess Zelda picking it up and teleporting back to the past. In the past, when the battle first took place wouldn’t it have made more sense for the Sages to pick out the Secret Stone to prevent mummified Ganondorf to cause any more harm.

Fragile Master Sword

This plot hole happens very early in the game and is related to the most powerful weapon in the game – The Master Sword. This is supposed to be the legendary blade to help protect Zelda, and Hyrule from Evil, yet it melts at the first sign of Ganondorf casting some magic on it. It’s withstood more than this in the past, but Ganondorf appears to be able to melt the Master Sword with a single blast ofn gloom or dark magic.

While this is a story vehicle to allow The Master Sword to travel through time, back to Princess Zelda and then get powered up ovet thousands of years by a very patient princess, it’s still q little jarring to see the Master Sword melt like that at the first sign of trouble.

Remember Breath of the Wild?

While many characters, namely the sages, recognise Link, many others don’t. You would have thought after everything Link did in Breath of the Wild he would be famous all throughout Hyrule, and he would have to explain who he is to anyone, he’d be a living legend. Tears of the Kingdom was billed as a direct sequel to Breath of the Wild, a rare instance of a sequel in Legend of Zelda games, but many of the characters don’t acknowledge the events of Breath of the Wild at all. They’ve forgotten all about the Sheikah Tech, The Divine Beasts, and Calamity Ganon.

Link’s Arm

At the start of the game Rauru said Link’s arm was too damaged and he had to replace it with his own. However, at the end of the game Link’s arm is restored somehow. Why did Rauru say at the start if the game Link’s arm was beyond fixing? Did they restore his original arm, and if so… where did they keep it all that time?

Let me know in the comments what you think.

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