What we want from Zelda in 2024

The Zelda franchise has a pretty big 2023 with the release of Tears of the Kingdom, plus we had the announcement of the Zelda movie coming sometime in the future. But 2023 is the past, it’s now 2024 and that means we’re one step closer to the next Zelda release from Nintendo, whether that’s something new, a remake or remaster, or something else. Today I want to look ahead and ask the question ‘What do we want from the Zelda franchise in 2024?’. But I couldn’t do this alone, so I called upon my fellow Zelda creators to answer that very question, plus a whole bunch more questions about our hopes and dreams for The Legend of Zelda in 2024. 

Before I dive into the questions, I want to thank everyone for getting involved. I’ve got 11 other creators featured here today, and you can find their YouTube links in the description below. I recommend you check them all out, they each provide their own unique spin on the Zelda franchise, and they’ve all got great hopes and dreams for Zelda in 2024. Big thanks to The Bread Pirate, CM30 from Gaming Reinvented, LinkedWolf, Suishi, Gabeora, Curtomatic, Blize, Blubber, Kokiri Theory, Game Essays. and Hyrule Town.

What I’m going to do is pose a question, then I’ll let everyone give me their thoughts. So without further delay, lets get into the questions. 

What do you think we’ll see from the Zelda franchise in 2024?

You would think it’s going to be a quiet year, given Tears of the Kingdom released last year. But given Aonuma said there’s no DLC for Tears, I imagine the Zelda team have gone straight into working on the Zelda game for Switch 2. If we’re going to get a new console this year, I don’t want to be waiting 5 years for the next mainline Zelda entry. 

Do you think we’ll see a Zelda remake in 2024? If so, which one?

I would love to see remake of Zelda I or Zelda II. While you can still go back and play these games, they are probably the games that haven’t aged as well as the other classic Zelda titles. Zelda II was my first Zelda, and I think you could do something very cool with a remake and that combat, but a Zelda I remake after we just had Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom, would be very fitting. 

Do you think we’ll see a teaser for Zelda on Switch 2 in 2024?

Normally I’d say no, but given Nintendo are likely to release their next console this year, I think Nintendo might put something out early. Maybe the Zelda team have been working on the next mainline Zelda game for a while, given the last year of TOTK was testing and polishing. Who knows, but I am going to say yes, we’ll see a teaser for the next mainline Zelda in 2024. 

Do you think we’ll see another studio take on a Zelda story in 2024? If so, who would you like to see do it?

I was hoping Cadence of Hyrule would open the gates for more unique Zelda titles by indie devs, but that hasn’t really happened. So, I’m going to say no, Nintendo are going to keep Zelda for themselves. 

What’s the best thing that could happen to the Zelda franchise in 2024?

The best thing for me would be a combination of a remake, plus a trailer for the movie that makes me go wow, actually it won’t be bad after all. I have plenty of fear for the Zelda movie, but I would be happy to be proved wrong. 

What’s the wildest surprise Nintendo could pull on us related to the Legend of Zelda in 2024?

I think something for the launch of the Switch 2 would be a wild surprise. I would imagine it to be a remake. While I want Zelda I or II, I think it maybe Ocarina of Time. 

Are we finally going to see those Wind Waker and Twilight Princess remakes in 2024?

We do have a Nintendo Direct in February, so hopefully they will be announced then. I would imagine Nintendo will release their new console in time for Christmas 2024, therefore we still have a whole year to fill out. We know about a few releases like 1000 Year Door and Princess Peaches game, but a few Zelda remasters would help tide us over nicely. So, yes… we’ll finally get them this year. 

OK, that’s a rundown of what we want to see from the Zelda franchise in 2024. HUGE thanks to The Bread Pirate, CM30 from Gaming Reinvented, LinkedWolf, Suishi, Gabeora, Curtomatic, Blize, Blubber, Kokiri Theory, Game Essays and Hyrule Town – make sure you go along to their channels and subscribe and check out their awesome Zelda content very soon. 

Community Comments 

I am sure that many are hoping for Wind Waker HD and Twilight Princess HD on Switch, and I’d imagine that is the most likely possibility right now. But I would totally love to see Nintendo one day remake Zelda II: The Adventure of Link into a traditional 2D Zelda format, perhaps in combination with a Zelda 1 remake.

I guess i wanna know if the switch 2 is coming out and if its going to have something zelda early on, like the rumored ocarina of time remake, the oracle games or even tears of the kingdom stuff.

A new “smaller” game. Not just a port of an existing old game.  A remake of the Oracle games would be nice, but I would prefer a completely new game. I’ve said it  before, and I say it again: I want a Zelda metroidvania.

I hopefully would like to hear that Zelda Twilight Princess is coming to Nintendo Switch soon!

Let me know in the comments what you want to see from Zelda in 2024, thanks again, and I’ll see you very soon. 

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