Exclusive ‘A Link To The Past’ Zelda Switch Avatars Available (Until 3rd June 2024)

Nintendo have released some classic Zelda ‘A Link To The Past’ avatars for Nintendo Switch, which are available through the ‘Missions and Rewards’ scheme. Today I’m going to run through a quick guide for how to get these avatars, so you can give your Nintendo Switch profile that distinct ‘A Link To The Past’ look.

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Nintendo have a relatively new system related to Nintendo Switch Online called ‘Missions and Rewards’. This is where you can unlock icons associated with retro games on their online service. Previously we’ve seen Nintendo release Super Mario icons, and now it’s Zelda’s turn with ‘A Link To The Past’ themed icons. We can unlock avatars of Link, Zelda, Ganon and other characters from the classic zelda title for 10 Platinum Points each.

All you have to do is play The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past while the event is active, and you’ll get access to these classic avatars.

If you already have Nintendo Switch Online’s Super Nintendo library installed, then simply navigate to it, boot up A Link To The Past. If you haven’t got the Super Nintendo library for Nintendo Switch Online, then you’ll need an active subscription to the service, and then download it to enjoy this exclusive offer.

Personally, I chose Link, but you can select Princess Zelda, Ganon and more. Make sure you get this done by 3rd June 2024, as that is when the event ends.

Let me know what you think of the classic avatars in the comments.

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